Ho Khanh’s BBQ party – Phong Nha

Captain Caveman and Julia were picked up to go on their Jungle Boss tour to Tiger Cave for 3 days/2 nights while I had been invited to Ho Khanh’s, to a BBQ party at 3pm. We live nearby and often go to visit most days as it is the place Captain Caveman and his colleagues hang out, have great coffee or have a swim in the river.

The party was already started when I arrived, there were big bowls of beers and ciders in ice and water, even the dogs were impressed with the selection of drinks provided. The steak was unbelievably tender and juicy and I had 3 pieces, plus salad (no dressing), so was pretty healthy.

A good selection of guests were there and it was nice to see quite a few friends enjoying the new waterslide, including the adults! Once the rice wine came out and the more sensible guests had left I decided to make my move and leave. The next week was going to be my last full week in Phong Nha and it was already looking hectic, especially as I was about to share my room for a few days!

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