We had decided to hold a movie night on Monday 16th December so we had the man round to fix the TV to the wall – I couldn’t watch I was so nervous he would drop it. Captain Caveman went to beer club and I found myself locked in. I was due at the hairdresser’s when I had a funny feeling to check the work of the same handyman, who had put netting on the gate/door to stop the street cats coming up the stairs. He’d only attached it to the inside so that I couldn’t open it and so I had to have Captain Caveman come back to open it from the outside!
I had my hair done by the lovely Emrah then I chose the movie for later. We would watch 6 Underground on Netflix and Sarah was invited round for a roast chicken dinner, cooked by Captain Caveman. The film was good and we all enjoyed it with a few glasses of wine.

We had breakfast at Gölbaşı on Tuesday 17th December and it was the first time Captain Caveman had been and my first breakfast there – it was impressive. We then drove to Dalaman and for lunch we called in to the prison. This time I ordered döner meat with normal rice and salad while Captain Caveman had an egg pide. For the 2 of us with drinks it came to about £6 and the food and service is so good.
We did a bit of shopping in Ortaca before heading back home where we stayed in and had leftover chicken with salad for dinner.

It was hard to believe that Christmas day was only a week away as we got up early for dogging on Wednesday 18th December. It was a good day and I had a massage in the afternoon at BC Spa because I had pulled a muscle and was a bit sore. In the evening we met up with Sarah for a trip to Balıkcım, I don’t usually eat fish but I plumped for a filleted sea bream and it was very nice. Captain Caveman went for meatballs and he enjoyed them, as well as us sharing the mezzes and wine.

While Captain Caveman was fit enough for bumming, on Thursday 19th December, I was back in BC spa being pummeled to within an inch of my life. Khatuna, the masseuse, also identified the problem area and told me I wasn’t drinking enough water – I knew that already!
In the afternoon we were booked in for a pedicure with my Dalyan friend, Vanessa, and we had a good nattter, matching polish and a cheeky drink in Jiks. Captain Caveman and I also stayed in Jiks for dinner (well, it would be rude not to and we hadn’t much in at home). It was good to see Vanessa as I’d not seen that much of her this year and she was off back home for Christmas.
We had a relatively tame evening as we had a full day of it booked in for the next day as well as a busy weekend!

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