It probably won’t surprise you to read that March started off a little bit boozey!
Captain Caveman had gone to buy some items from Decathlon on Sunday 1st March while I stayed at the Elpis hotel and did some writing. When he got back we got packed and ready for checking out, only to realise we still had half a bottle of wine to drink which we couldn’t take on the flight back to Dong Hoi with us. So, we did what anyone would do in the same situation and drank it!
We had arranged to meet Gary and Hanh at Thong’s Kitchen for lunch and I had lemon juice and BBQ ribs which was very nice. The chef was very good and did what looked like an amazing steak for Hanh which she had left uneaten, while she nipped home. Gary had a salad and Captain Caveman a pizza (of course) with a few beers.
Captain Caveman and I had a few hours to kill so we agreed to join Gary at the Bia Hoi. I wasn’t totally happy with the decision, especially as we had our luggage with us and I had to get on the back of Gary’s scooter without a helmet while Captain Caveman got a grab bike. At the Bia Hoi I drank a coke and watched the blokes drink beer. We later nipped back to Salt ‘n’ Lime for more gluten free deliciousness in the form of tacos and corn chips with a red wine for me and a margarita for him! We were able to buy some tacos to take home for the freezer which I was so excited about. We got to the domestic airport by grab taxi and checked in ok but the western blokes in front of us were given a free face mask to wear. This was the second time I was aware of the Corona virus threat in Vietnam and although we did have a mask in our bags, we didn’t wear them. We had an airport drink where the bar nearest to Burger King sold a rather decent glass of wine (expensive but tasted good and at room temperature). The flight from Hanoi to Dong Hoi wasn’t particularly full and so we had a spare seat next to us, we also bumped in to Tam from the Lake House and Tim, a friend of Momma D’s who were sat next to each other on the plane. Tam had a mask on and so did most of the Vietnamese passengers. The flight was only one hour and we were able to give Tim a lift to Momma D’s on our way back to Phong Nha. Captain Caveman was meant to have been going on a 3 week caving expedition which had been delayed by a day due to a member of the team joining later than planned. Our housemate, was also back in town for the evening so when we got home we popped in to say hello and Captain Caveman had a beer. After a long day we got to bed but Captain Caveman had to set the alarm to get up early and pack for his expedition – they were leaving from Ho Khanh’s homestay at 9am the next day.

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