The weekend was here and on Friday 27th March Captain Caveman went off to Son Doong for 4 days with a group of Oxalis staff as part of a trial to keep up training while there were no tourist trips – a great idea and he was looking forward to it. The weather was so hot and I realised it would only get hotter over the next few weeks and months.
For lunch I met Tatas at Oxalis Home and I had the most delicious lunch I’ve had there in a while – chicken and cashew nuts with rice. In the afternoon the plumber came to try to fix the toilet and put a waste pipe in the kitchen sink. The cleaner came and gave the place a good going over – cleaning everything in sight. That night I decided to stay in and admire the clean room and I loved the peace and quiet. Unfortunately the toilet was not fixed and so I let the landlady know – the bum gun was fitted but had an incredibly over-enthusiastic spurt to it. I decided to organise a Saturday afternoon drink for the next day, not knowing it would be our last group outing for a while!

I had a good day on Saturday 28th March despite having the bed to myself and the chance of a few hours extra sleep. I woke up about 6am and read the world news. It was also a bit cooler here so I cycled to Little Vietnam for breakfast where I had a delicious pho ga, a can of pepsi and picked up some snacks. At lunch I met Tatas again at Oxalis Home and I had some chips which were really good. Tatas had got me some rice crackers which I had been looking for in the market but couldn’t find and made an ideal snack for when/if we needed to isolate. In the afternoon we met as planned at Capture for drinks, I had a bit too much wine and we ended up having a late dinner after which I felt a bit sleepy. I was happy to finally get my potato wedges with Bolognese sauce that I’d been wanting for weeks and it didn’t disappoint – the Santa Digna wine was pretty good too. Capture looked fantastic with a new bar area outside and lots of space to relax.
Back home I sent some information to a visa agent to start the process of renewing my visa to stay in Vietnam for longer. The plumber had been back to have a second go at fixing the toilet but it appeared there wasn’t much more he could do – It’s a good job we were a 2 toilet family!

I was woken by a notification on my phone at 6.30am on Sunday 29th March to tell me I had a WhatsApp voice message from the rental agent in Dalyan (Turkey). Our apartment was empty due to everyone from UK having to cancel their holiday bookings because of the Corona virus and so the agent had took the opportunity to put a couple from Istanbul in there for a month. By the time I’d replied (because of the time difference) they had already moved in and it was all sorted. I would have been going there in a couple of weeks time but of course that would no longer be possible and so it was good to have some guests there instead. I had breakfast at home and was just planning my day when Des made a welcome suggestion in the group messenger. For lunch I met some of the gang at Coffee Station (aka Phong Nha Eatery) where my duck spring rolls were so tasty and I also tried some of Momma D’s chickpea and beetroot salad. Before Momma D left she invited us all over to her place that night for a home cooked meal which would be gluten free and I said yes (obviously) and was really looking forward to it. When I arrived at Momma D’s house, with a few ciders in my bag, we sat and had a chat while Des went to collect Hanh. We had a lovely chicken cooked in a BBQ sauce in the oven, with green beans and feta, carrots with honey and dil and some steamed broccoli – I even had a glass of wine with it. Once the washing up was done we had a right laugh playing Cards against Humanity until midnight! I’d not played the hilarious game since a night with the landlady and staff at The Queen’s (the pub I used to work in back in Mosborough). A perfect end to the weekend it was too.

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