Our housemate had kindly brought us some cheese back from Dong Hoi on his last visit and so we had Gouda, Edam and a cheese spread in the fridge already. Captain Caveman had placed it in the door of the fridge for easy access and so on Monday 4th May I had some rice crackers and cheese spread for breakfast. I also managed to knock stuff out of the shelf in the fridge and pick it up without too much of a to-do. Captain Caveman and I had decided that he would leave the front curtains open but close the other 4 sets on the sides to stop the sun coming in and so I still had a view. Neither of us planned for the owner of the house opposite, putting his rice crop on the roof and raking it often – I could see him clearly when I got out of the shower, I don’t know if he could see me. I had slept well, spreading right across the bed to get comfy and had woke up just as the daylight came. I checked in on my app and saw that Vietnam had one more new Corona case which was unusual. He was a British man who worked in oil and had arrived by private plane and had been quarantined. The UK had reported another 9,000 cases and 500 deaths over the weekend. My stomach was still not good but I managed leftover Indian for lunch and had a salted lime drink to rehydrate me. In the afternoon I had a couple of visitors, one of who brought me some shopping from Momma D’s and so for dinner I ate 2 yoghurts and some gluten free biscuits.
I did a bit of Turkish and Facebook checking and then I resorted to an early night and Ozark on Netflix.

I woke up, after another good sleep, on Tuesday 5th May and checked the Corona data. In Vietnam 2 more people had recovered and the recovery rate was now at 81%. In the world stats there was another 40,000 recovered, 4,000 more deaths and 80,000 more cases in a day. The UK had reported another 3,000 cases making it 190,000 plus a further 700 deaths. The website I was using had also started to show the data in terms of per 1m population. The usual data showed that the USA had the most deaths in the world, followed by Italy and then the UK. The new data, based on population, showed that the UK was worse than the USA – that did nothing to help cheer me up.
It was very hot and I did some Turkish while I waited for my breakfast, which Caroline was bringing me from Coffee Station. For some reason my brain wasn’t doing too well and I kept making mistakes on the spelling. Caroline and Mr Higgins, the dog, arrived and we had breakfast together and a good chat. We also discussed going to hospital because she thought I should get checked out – she had been to a clinic in Dong Hoi, when she slipped and broke her wrist, which was cheap for x-rays and quick. She offered to organise a trip before Captain Caveman got back but I said I’d go with him and we could take a translator. Des messaged the group to let us know he was leaving Phong Nha in 1 hour and he was at Coffee Station if anyone wanted to join him. He had a teaching job in Dong Hoi so was off there but I was still unable to go out to say bye. My stomach was still bad, I was tired from ‘crutching’ back and forwards to the bathroom so I chilled out a bit in the afternoon and just ate cheese and gluten free biscuits for meals. The time had gone quick and Captain Caveman would be back tomorrow.

I had managed to survive without Captain Caveman but I didn’t mind admitting I was exhausted. On Wednesday 6th May I was up early as usual and had yoghurt and biscuits for breakfast. My foot wasn’t any different and so I had decided to ask Captain Caveman to arrange to get me to the clinic in Dong Hoi (somehow) as soon as possible. Captain Caveman had filled the kettle before he went so I could have a cup of herbal tea (or two) but unfortunately we had a family of ants living on the top of the water inside the kettle (they had formed an ant raft) – I don’t like ants but I didn’t want to kill them so I just drank water for 4 days. I checked in on the health app and saw in the Vietnamese news that Vietnam said they would continue to ban foreigners from entering the country unless it was vital and a 10 year old had relapsed to Corona. The UK now had 195,000 cases and 29,000 deaths but I kept seeing hints of relaxing lockdown rules (admittedly they were from Lisa on Facebook, not the government), especially as people were wanting to celebrate VE Day. It was unreasonably hot in Phong Nha and still not one drop of rain had fallen so it was even too hot indoors. We have a fan but I couldn’t move it to plug it in and do ‘crutching’ so I wore very little, the man opposite on the roof was used to it now! For lunch Caroline popped over with Phong Nha Vegan food and I wolfed down the eggplant stew. Captain Caveman had just arrived back and had already showered in the other room and he looked tanned and happy.
We had planned to have East Hill chicken for dinner but Captain Caveman was invited to the Floating Boat restaurant for a Son Doong after party at 5pm. He went to Oxalis on the way to arrange to borrow a car and one of the guides so we could go to the clinic in Dong Hoi the next day. Meanwhile from the (not at all comfy) sofa I tuned in to a virtual tour of Dalyan with Murat, live, as he drove around showing us the area. It was funny and I saw a few places I had never been to which looked good to try for my next visit. I was in bed when Captain Caveman arrived home, later than expected, absolutely smashed and unable to form proper words and sentences. I had very little sleep that night as he was laying on his back snoring the loudest I’d heard, for hours – it was nice to have him back!!

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