I woke up from an amazing sleep and had already missed the daily meditation session at the Phong Nha Farmstay on Tuesday 2nd June. I was looking forward to pho ga for breakfast and so we walked down to the bar and pool area to eat. I wasn’t confident on a certain section of the path where there was the slope but I managed to get down without falling, which was a bonus. I had to drink lots of water once we got seated as I hadn’t been used to walking far outside, for so long. I also had green tea and a juice, Captain Caveman decided to upgrade and treat himself to the Big Cowboy Breakfast with coffee and juice – worth paying the extra for if you’re hungry! We got chatting with the owners, Ben & Bich, it turned out the pool villa we had spent last night in was available for longer and we were welcome to book in for another night or more if we fancied it. I already didn’t want to leave and because it was newly opened we were able to take advantage of the soft opening special rates! We found out the story behind the books on the shelves and it made us laugh – be sure to ask Ben about it when you visit and check out the link below:

Great Books and Movies about Vietnam

Captain Caveman was off to do his briefing that evening and going to Son Doong the next day so wouldn’t be able to stay but we all agreed that the exercise, swimming and interaction with others would be good for me and I agreed to stay on for a bit longer. I ate a great bun cha for lunch while Captain Caveman snaffled down another pizza (he chose a different flavour for variety). Once Captain Caveman and I had said our goodbyes I took full advantage of that private pool. I had no time for writing, learning Turkish, Netflix or reading a book – I was working on getting my leg moving!

Little Lies came into its own that evening for a spot of entertaining. Not only did I enjoy a lovely dinner with a drop of red wine but I was joined by Veronika who is always such great company with genuinely good conversation. Other expats in the area stopped by to say hi too and it was nice to catch up with Ben, Bich and the kids later too where I found out I’m rubbish at making paper aeroplanes.
We went steady on the wine and before I went to bed I spoke to Captain Caveman to update him that I had managed a lot more exercise and that I could now pretend to ride a bicycle in the pool. He looked sweaty and tired but not enough for me to feel too sorry for him as I knew he was really looking forward to getting back on tour. He had a full group and I said I would stay at the Farmstay until he got back, when it would be time to return to the clinic for physio. I got in bed and before I could read a paragraph of my book I had fallen asleep in that huge comfy bed!!

Photo credit Captain Caveman

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