For breakfast on Sunday 7th June we both had a fry up. Captain Caveman had the Cowboy breakfast again and I had my own version of it. We did lots of swimming and Captain Caveman took a video of me from above so I could see my leg movements and where they needed to improve. We had booked to stay just one more night and by lunch time I had worked up an appetite. I had the fresh spring rolls for lunch and Captain Caveman went for the, highly recommended by Veronika, Aussie pie (not on the menu) which was chock full of meat and looked delicious.

It was one week in to June and I still hadn’t been home yet – Ben, Bich and Veronika were really looking after me so much I didn’t want to leave. After more swimming in the afternoon and chilling out it was time for our last dinner at Little Lies. Veronika joined us for a glass of wine but had already eaten a late lunch at The Villas so wasn’t hungry. We were joined by Leah and David the yoga teachers who were nearing the end of their stay too. I had the beef in bamboo dish, which I was very partial to while Captain Caveman had a dish I had overlooked, pork clay pot! I only managed the one glass of red wine and felt I’d had enough – I’d grown very fond of the sparkling wine and had missed it this evening. We said our farewell to our guests and got ready for a good sleep, I only had one complaint about that bed – it being too difficult to get out of in a morning! It was definitely the comfiest bed that I had experienced in Vietnam and I would definitely miss the luxury and 5 star service.

Photo credits Ben Mitchell, Captain Caveman & Caroline Borrow

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