I tried to get a morning physio appointment for Friday 17th July so that I could get back to Phong Nha sooner and see Captain Caveman when he got back from his caving trip. We had planned to go to Hanoi at the weekend and as yet had not booked anything in so it would be handy to have the afternoon to do that before he went to his gala dinner at Chay Lap. Thuy couldn’t accommodate me for a morning appointment and so I had to have a 3pm one.
I had a breakfast at the Nam Long Plus again; a half bowl of pho bo, orange juice, tea, fruit salad and then a banana and some water to try to keep hydrated. For lunch I was tucking in to a chicken salad from Tree Hugger, which came with peanuts, when I got a call from Captain Caveman’s manager. She had been notified he was on his way out of Son Doong and was in severe pain. In all the years Captain Caveman has been doing this job I’d never had one of these calls and it was very worrying. She kept me updated and then Captain Caveman got in touch to say he was on his way to hospital, he didn’t know what was wrong and that the pain had occurred as he had started to climb up the Great Wall of Vietnam which is the exit route from Hang Son Doong. By this time I was due at physio and wasn’t sure whether to head to the hospital or not but I know he hates fuss and so I decided to carry on with my plan until I knew more – he had a guide with him who could translate and update me if I was needed.
At physio I had 2 therapists over the 2 hours I was there and my leg seemed to be feeling a bit less painful but still not strong enough and this was my last session before my trip away. They advised I shouldn’t take the break of the week off and that I should keep having the physio 6 days per week. They weren’t really sure how much longer it would take but another month or two was mentioned!
While I was being mauled I got an update that Captain Caveman was going to be ok but he had somehow managed to break a rib without noticing. He was told to rest up for a few days and that he should be ok, so he was already on his way back home.
I shared the car to Phong Nha with the Triple Cripple Club members and on the way back Captain Caveman called to let me know he was off to meet some of the people from his tour at the floating restaurant and he would meet me at The Villas for dinner. My fellow diners both ordered pizza and I had the confit duck leg but I did have a piece of Caroline’s pizza (because I had taken the medicine) to see what would happen. Back home I bum shuffled up the stairs in the semi darkness and was definitely getting quicker but it was hard work and the floor was very dusty on account of us not having the cleaner in today!

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