On Friday 7th August I went downstairs for my usual breakfast at the Nam Long Plus Hotel and for lunch I had veggie spring rolls and tea from Tree Hugger. There were 33 more cases, 2 deaths and 11 recoveries recorded for the last day in Vietnam and so now the total cases of corona had reached 750. Captain Caveman was due back from Son Doong while I was at physio and so I had decided to go back to Phong Nha that afternoon. Physio was intense but more progress was made and after football came ‘standing on a massive ball’ which was harder than it looked. By the time I left the physio I was a sweaty, exhausted mess and had actually started to regret agreeing to go back home just for the one night. Phuong came to pick me up from physio at 5pm and Thuy told him I was making progress and should be able to get about a bit better which I was pleased about, I was so glad to get in his minibus with the AC on and comfy seats as I was so tired. He dropped me off at The Villas where Captain Caveman was waiting but was about to leave for his briefing. I didn’t fancy a margarita (which was strange) so I ordered a white russian, I had already decided what I wanted to eat but I waited until Tatas joined me. She had the potato and edamame salad (with tomatoes) and I had a specially made cheese plate without any bread/crackers. We shared a bottle of red wine of which I had the most because Tatas still had a margarita on the go. It was late when we got home, I went by taxi with Thang, Captain Caveman cycled home and I was absolutely knackered by the time I got in bed.

Captain Caveman was back in Son Doong on Saturday 8th August but it was nice to have slept in my own bed with comfy pillows and a duvet on. He went to get me breakfast before he left and so I had fruit to keep me going. Another 39 cases of corona were reported in Vietnam, 3 recoveries but no deaths. I had a catch up on what was going on in emails, messages and my blogging then had lunch of peanut M&Ms (I can’t believe I only found out they are gluten free this year). Phuong came to pick me up for my physio visit and this time I was going in to Dong Hoi, having my session and then coming back. It’s more expensive this way but means I don’t have to stay in Dong Hoi on a Sunday, when there’s nothing to do. There is the issue of the toilet (there always is with me) because it’s a 45 minute drive each way and 2.5 hours in the physio all without using the loo if possible.
The physio session went well and I ordered a takeaway curry from Namaste which Phuong picked up on our way through Phong Nha and he even carried it upstairs for me. I’d asked Raj to pop in a bottle of chilled white wine too but forgot it was cork not screw top and our fridge doesn’t fit a bottle in when it needs to be stood up. I did consider opening it and drinking it all but resisted and will have to have it when I can share it with Captain Caveman. The food was amazing and I felt so full after, even with more than half left over for tomorrow’s meals. A Saturday night with no booze and off to bed early to watch Netflix – what a party animal.

I had a rare day at home in Phong Nha and on my own on Sunday 9th August, which I was really looking forward to. I started the day by doing a quick calculation of how many hours of physio I had endured to still not be walking and it came to 73 hours over 7 weeks at a cost of just under 22 million Dong (£725), no wonder Captain Caveman remained unimpressed with my progress! The Corona data showed there was another 23 cases reported, no deaths or recoveries. I had cheese for breakfast but no rice crackers and crisps for lunch then a feast of leftover curry for dinner and still no booze!!! I did all my usual chores and time flew by and I managed to almost straighten my leg without holding it while laying on my back.
A fairly ordinary weekend without too much excitement but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

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