Phuong arrived promptly at 7am on Tuesday 29th September, both Captain Caveman and I went to Dong Hoi and he popped to get some shopping while I had my early physio session. When I got there I ended up having to wait until 8.30am as they were so busy and, as always, I was grateful that Thuy could fit around my busy schedule. Back home Captain Caveman had to go to work again and I made myself some brunch of falafel, rice cracker, plain yoghurt and a bit of cheese. Later when Captain Caveman had finished working he made us a two course dinner of homemade guacamole with rice crackers to start, followed by bacon, asparagus and cheese – his new signature dish! I had a a couple of glasses of red wine too while Captain Caveman decided to have White Russians which were a little on the strong side. Tomorrow I had a very busy day coming up and hoped I would be able to manage without Captain Caveman’s help.

It was my first time doing the shopping without Captain Caveman on Wednesday 30th September and although I could walk without my helping sticks I still needed them a little, for going down the steps mostly – I was also still not confident on slippy tiles. I could have decided not to go because I do go to Dong Hoi most days for physio but I wanted to see how I did at going shopping without Captain Caveman’s help. Our first stop was the small organic shop which I managed to get a few things at without any problems, the produce is fresh and considerably cheaper than in the west – I spent less than a tenner on fruit and veg. The next stop was the Vincom centre where I was a bit apprehensive about the escalators but I managed them, the floor is slippy in the Vinmart and so I avoided the wet aisles so as not to fall. I decided not to bother with a basket either as I was carrying my crutch, surprisingly I wasn’t the last one to finish shopping – in fact I was the first because I was so conscious of taking too long. I managed to pick up a few essentials including salami, mushrooms and pringles for Captain Caveman all for around £6. It was very hot and sunny outside so I decided to do the steps instead of the extra long ramp and I managed that with one crutch for support while carrying my bag of shopping too. The trip was organised by Bich and Ben at Phong Nha Farmstay and I find it really useful that Bich knows which places to go to get specific things, including a shop not far from the train station with good quality bedding. After the Vinmart supermarket I walked across the road over to the sunshine bus to load my stuff in and then went in to QB Casa with Veronika’s youngest grandson. He had an ice-cream and I had a coconut, when Bich arrived she had a steak which looked great and I had pork fried rice which was rather good. Back home there was no rest as I logged on to an afternoon of language lessons. For dinner Captain Caveman tussled up a feast with gluten free sausages (from Momma D’s) and red wine. He also told me we would have a meal out somewhere nice tomorrow after I got back from physio.

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