Our Christmas Eve started with us not speaking all the way to the airport because Captain Caveman and I had to get up at stupid o’clock for our flight to Tasmania (I think he had mistakenly put on his grumpy trousers). At the airport he had a MacDonalds sandwich and the coffee sorted him out. I had a bottle of water but no food. The flight was good, we got moved to the emergency seats which had extra leg room and seemed to cheer Captain Caveman up again.
We landed just before 8am at Hobart airport and John came to pick us up. John is from the UK but lives in Hobart and he and his wife, Germ, worked at Oxalis with Captain Caveman a couple of seasons ago. They had invited us to stay and have Christmas with them, despite them having busy work schedules as intensive care nurses. On the short drive to the house John stopped off to show us 7 mile beach and when we got ‘home’ he made us sausages and mushrooms for breakfast washed down with fizz for me, beer for them. Having done a 12 hour shift John went to bed while we borrowed his car and went off to explore the area. We picked up some wine and cheese and had fish & chips at the harbour. We went to a cool bar, called Boodle Beasley, where we waited for Germ, to finish her shift and join us. Germ arrived and we had wine and nibbles before heading back to their’s for a glass of fizz.

On Christmas Day I woke up, next to Captain Caveman, in a beautiful house in Tasmania. He wished me Merry Christmas and we got up for breakfast of tea (coffee for him) and toast. The sun was shining so we sat out on the decking area overlooking the views. John had worked the Christmas Eve night shift so came home around 9am and we had a drink (fizz for me, beers for the guys and tea for Germ) before he went to bed. Germ took the three of us on a drive to Roches beach where we walked along a high coastal path to 7 mile beach. Captain Caveman went for a swim in the sea while I just went in for a little dip (only waist deep) due to being slightly put off by the recent story of a local man bleeding to death after a tragic accident with a stingray. After walking back to the car, in my wet cozzie, we headed for lunch on the beach at Mortimer Bay. The 3 of us sat on the secluded beach where we shared cheese and wine/beer (there was also smoked salmon and biscuits) on a blanket.
When we arrived back at the house John was up and invited us to visit some friends of their’s for a drink and to wish them a happy Christmas. We shared more cheese and some crayfish with our hosts and had a glass of wine. I met the dogs Tuey, Luna and Della and made a best friend out of Della, the older dog. We had a tour round the newly built granny annex where I got to see shark’s teeth for the first time (impressive) then I helped the youngest daughter out by doing a row of her knitting. Back at our ‘home’ John did a BBQ and we ate steak, prawns, asparagus, potatoes and more cray fish – a very healthy Christmas dinner topped off by frozen berries with cream and ice-cream for afters. We drank more wine, and I indulged in some crisps – well it was Christmas.

Boxing Day started with the men cooking breakfast for us and I really enjoyed the gluten free toast with bacon, mushrooms and spinach. Germ had to work but only until 9.30pm so when she left, Captain Caveman and John had their nannan naps while I caught up on watching The Apprentice, the Interviews. In the afternoon Captain Caveman and I dropped John off for a 26km kayak across the river Derwent while we did a bit of sightseeing and went out for lunch in Salamanca. We both ordered a salad after yesterday’s indulgence and the fact we both had to drive later. Captain Caveman had managed to borrow a car for us to use for our trip up north, from someone he neither knew nor had met. He drove the new car while I drove John & Germ’s car back to the Tasmanian rowing club where we had arranged to meet John with his kayak, less than 10 minutes away. The evening ended with us eating gluten free pizza at a cafe with John’s boating buddies while he went to pick up Germ from work. I finished the evening with an early night but not before a glass of fizz before bed.

On Thursday 27th December Captain Caveman and John got up early and went caving, while Germ had a 7am start at work.  I had a lay-in until 9.30am and then pottered about and watched the final of The Apprentice. In the afternoon I took a bus in to town and then walked to the cinema to meet Germ. We watched Colette, which was a really good film. It was also one of those cinemas where we were able to drink wine so I had a Chardonnay. Afterwards we ate a mushroom risotto before the boys returned from their trip around 10pm.

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