How did you spend New Year’s Day?
I bet, whatever you did, it was better than mine. It may seem like its all glitter and rainbows in my life and for the most part I do have a pretty good deal going on, however, I sometimes have to take the rough with the smooth!
The highlights of the first day of 2019 were;
1. Tidying the tent to make it feel like I had more room and therefore should be less claustrophobic (I even found a spot for my glasses).
2. Meeting Tashie, a cute dog, who was the mascot for the CASA caving group.
3. Watching the Speleo Games at the ASF conference – an intense obstacle course which,  although above ground, simulated an underground course through caves. (Yes, I did get asked to have a go, and no, I politely declined).
4. Getting invited to Alan’s parents’ house for a buffet dinner with all of his family.

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