I was another year older on Monday 11th January and because Captain Caveman had to work in the afternoon he got up and made me a superb birthday breakfast. There were sausages (proper ones from Hue), mushrooms, bacon, buttered toast and even breakfasty potatoes (we were still unable to get the Heinz baked beans locally). It was great and really filling, Captain Caveman had eggs and tomatoes added to his version. My mom was the first person to message me with a birthday wish and that made my day! Throughout the day I got loads of birthday wishes that really made me happy and I even got a few surprises! While Captain Caveman was at work I watched some Netflix and chilled out a bit, in the news there was an update that in preparation for the lunar new year TET holiday here in Vietnam, incoming flights would be limited, link below:
I just had a few walnuts for lunch as we were eating at the Farmstay that night. Captain Caveman was on his way home and I told him we would go straight out but I wasn’t expecting Co and Duyet to turn up with a cooked chicken from East Hill for me as a birthday present, how nice is that!? We decided to take it to the Phong Nha Farmstay where most of the usual gang was and Bich got out the plastic gloves and scissors to dish it out. We enjoyed the chicken and sticky rice and washed it down with a bit of birthday present booze, which was very enjoyable. A few of us ordered the chicken quesadillas too and then Hien and Khanh (owners of Elements Collection) arrived with the biggest bunch of flowers I have ever had and a wrapped present and a card. The surprise birthday cake came, made by the Farmstay kitchen and a rendition of Happy Birthday was sung. It was really nice and I was a bit tipsy when I got home but we had a drop of rum as a nightcap and I caught up on as many messages as I could before falling fast asleep.

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