Wednesday 9th June was the date of my visa expiring, we had a lay-in and Captain Caveman had a bit of a hangover after last night’s party. There was no shopping trip today, it had been moved to tomorrow this week. For breakfast I had the gluten free cake from Ly Ly and some crispbreads because I was still peckish. News about my passport, was that my visa was ok and that I would get my passport back, probably in a few days. I was relieved that I wasn’t leaving Phong Nha today or tomorrow and Captain Caveman was glad too – finally I might shut up about it!!  I made prawns with rice noodles for a late lunch and it was very tasty, the prawns from the organic shop are definitely great quality. At 3.30pm Tatas arrived at Elements and we were off out to celebrate being allowed to remain in the country for one more month. We walked to the Lake House which took about 24 minutes and it was still hot and sunny. On the way we bumped in to Andrew and his son so we invited him along and when we got there it was just a few minutes before the other guests arrived; Shannon, Craig Davis, Momma D (and Kevin the dog), Trang, then later the owners, Tham and Tony, joined us too with their dog, Snowy.
Tatas and I had promised Ania and Hamish that we would celebrate them having left Vietnam with the Polish vodka she had left with me so I had took it along. Momma D was excited to be celebrating being given her 2 year work permit and had ordered some nibbles, we also took full advantage of the happy hour cocktail menu and the shoddyness of the long island iced tea which was unbelievably strong but a bargain. Of course it turned into an amazing night where I couldn’t remember getting home! I only vaguely recalled eating, and getting others to try, my steak which is always a favourite meal of mine. I do remember insisting on taking selfies with everyone and then a slight recollection of some tequila shots – I think we did Hamish and Ania proud with a wild night out!

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