On Thursday 2nd March I had cornflakes and the usual cuppa for breakfast then got the slow cooker out to try a new Slimming World meal. I was going to give the chicken fajitas a whirl so I chopped all the ingredients and chucked it in. I met Jamie for a beverage in Jiks where I had 2 teas and he had 2 coffees, at a reasonable 100 lira (£4.21). Next I went over to the stationer’s where I got 10 photocopies of the weekly meal plans for 15 lira (63p). I called in to Şok Supermarket, as I was out of rice, and bought 1kg for 29.50 lira (£1.24). Back home I used up fresh bread to make a kind of veggie pizza and had it with another cup of tea.
I got a message from Gay Gaz to say he’d managed to get his Turkish residency renewal at the 11th hour and we joked about what ‘favours’ he’d had to do to get that. Residency renewal criteria was getting more strict and, although mine wasn’t due until October, I was already preparing for what may be required.
My chicken fajitas were coming on a treat and I was looking forward to trying them when Kate messaged to invite me to Tez bar for a drink. I declined as I really was trying to be good and stick to my budget and my diet plan. I had some white wine left in the fridge anyway so I decided to measure it out and have some using my syn allowance. Unfortunately, it tasted terrible and I ended up throwing it away (surely that’s a first)!
The food was really nice and I had some left for another day. After dinner I got my first message from my parents, who had been on holiday for 5 days. They were having a great time and loving been somewhere sunny again.
I’d spent a total of 144.50 lira (£6.79) today, about the same as yesterday, and I was within the budget. This weekend would be a big test of whether I could stick to it.

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