Hello Hanoi – Day 1

I woke a few times on the sleeper bus from Phong Nha to Hanoi which had been surprisingly fine. The journey was fast and noisy but overall not too bad and even the toilet was clean(ish). We did stop about 20 minutes out of Hanoi in a garage and the driver had a 1 hour break from just after 5am.
When we got off the bus I took the bags in a Grab taxi while Captain Caveman cycled to Puku cafe.

It was 6:30am and I was about to have my first of three breakfasts!! The sausage, bacon and (initially chilled) beans at Puku were not as good as the amazing breakfast options in Phong Nha but I ate it and had a very fresh camomile tea with it. We had to wait until after 9:30am so I got sleepy and decided a second breakfast of fruit salad and yogurt might do me good – it did.
We left our luggage at Himalaya Phoenix Apartments, where we would stay for 4 nights, and walked to Home 38, a cafe nearby. They do an amazing all day breakfast so I had that for lunch. In the afternoon, just after check-in Captain Caveman went to the dentist and I had a little rest before my first Vietnamese lesson at 5pm, by which time it was raining pretty heavily and I got soaked.
My first class at Vietlesson went well and was followed by wine and nibbles at a sports bar, called The Local. I took a Grab motorbike there and was saturated by the time I got there and was quite uncomfortable sat in a wet dress in the cold, air-conditioned room. We still managed a dinner at Cugini, a great Italian restaurant near to where we were staying, where the food was excellent.
Back at Himalayan Phoenix a hot shower, my new T-Shirt and bed was all I needed. I set my alarm so that I could finish my homework early before my next class.

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