10 Things I no longer spend money on

Rather than a helpful ‘how to save money when travelling’ (to be found in abundance on the Internet) this is more a personal recollection of things I’ve not spent money on since being a lady of leisure.
1) handbags – I no longer buy them and use either a cloth bag for the beach and a donated one which was being thrown away. Generally when out together Captain Caveman is in charge of keys and money (He always has pockets).
2) Clothes – I only buy what I absolutely need and tend to wear everything until it gets worn out. I don’t follow fashions and have clothes made in local places.
3) Cosmetics/Products – I don’t own any makeup and I use only hotel miniature toiletries (freebies) or my solid shampoo and conditioner bars from Lush which last for ages. The only thing I do spend money on is suncream.
4) Phone credit – I have relied on free wifi in the places we stayed and visited, I got a SIM card for Vietnam where pay as you go is cheap. For Turkey and UK I have a Vodafone sim which I top up and get the extra bundle deals when I can.
5) Pop – we have given up drinking sugary/fizzy drinks, usually because of when it’s hot and we are thirsty it’s easy to over indulge. We still have fresh juices but without added sugar where possible. I just drink water or alcohol and the odd diet coke, cocktail or smoothie when out. Most places provide free water bottle refills.

6) Snacks – apart from the odd bag of crisps we try not to eat between meals and the snacks we are used to from our home country are often limited, non-existent or expensive abroad.
7) Souvenirs – I’ve bought nothing at all that I don’t need and when people I’m with have shopped, I’ve resisted.
8) Sunglasses – I still haven’t broken the pair I bought in Turkey for $5 about 12 years ago.
9) Books or other reading material – we used book swaps where ever we found good ones so that we read for free, even if they are a bit sticky from other people’s sun lotion.
10) Memberships and subscriptions – since leaving my home country I no longer have any direct debits, am not a member of any clubs and have no regular payments out for anything I don’t need. I don’t buy magazines, I’m no longer in the wine club and I don’t have a gym membership I don’t use.

With hindsight I could have adopted these while I was still working in the UK and could have saved more money for my trip. If you’re thinking of going off on your travels why not try it and see how much money it saves you.

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