On Tuesday 8th October the weather wasn’t good so we waited for the rain to stop before heading to Soul Kitchen for a Turkish breakfast and 2 portions of potato skins with cheese and beans between the 3 of us – it was massive!
Because the weather looked bad we decided the 3 of us would go to BC Spa for a hamam scrub down and a massage however they were fully booked until 5pm. We booked in and went back to plan A which was to visit the ancient rock tombs. Since last year when the Aussies and Captain Caveman had been unable to gain access to the tombs, Amanda had been obsessed with getting in this visit. I had asked in a Facebook group if anyone knew how and, although it wasn’t recommended/allowed, I had received some information. We came back and popped adequate footwear on and headed off to get a rowing boat over the river. After a short walk we saw the signs and we got to the first set of tombs. My aim was to simply show the more adventurous couple how to get there but not go in, however, a big thunderstorm came meaning it was better to shelter. Stupidly, I had not dressed for the occasion and had only shorts and t-shirt on but managed to get to most of the tombs the others did – 11 days it took for my tomb kisses (scars) to fade.

We did well and Amanda was excited when a wild donkey led us to a bigger tomb which we could access and walk around in. It felt amazing being up so high and seeing the views of Dalyan was great, despite my camera not doing them justice really.

On the way back we met a dog with a spikey plant in her paw and helped her by removing it, she then introduced us to her family to say thanks.
Luckily we didn’t get arrested or injured (more luck than judgement) but it wasn’t a walk in the park and we were glad of a sit down and a pomegranate juice at the lovely Meriç cafe while waiting for the boat to go back. Captain Caveman would have loved it, I’m sure, but he was still in Indonesia, exploring caves. By the time we got back to BC Spa we were wet, dirty, smelly and running late. Greg and I had the full scrub down wash on the marble slab before our massages and Amanda went for a sports massage.
The manager and therapists were great, friendly, very professional and we really enjoyed the relaxation before rushing back to get ready for dinner.

In the evening we met my parents and ate at Ramazan Han’s where I had a delicious aubergine starter which was a big enough portion for a few of us to share. The steaks are my favourite at Ramazan’s and so I had the one covered in onions (again) and it was excellent.

Some Photos by Greg & Amanda Le Couteur (with permission)