The Road to Paradise tour with Volkan’s Adventures on Monday 7th October was a great day out. My uncle was due to arrive on this day but because of the collapse of Thomas Cook he wasn’t able to come and so my parents joined me and my two Australian visitors on this day trip. On the way we got to see some tombs which were not as impressive as the ones in Dalyan but made it easy for anyone with walking difficulties to at least see them up close.

We visited Akyaka for an amazing breakfast overlooking the Azmak river – there was so much to eat, even for a non-glutener like me (the melted cheese was my favourite).

After eating we had a short journey to the town centre and to where we had a boat ride on the Azmak river which was absolutely stunning. It wasn’t my first visit here but it was still as beautiful and the boat trip is a nice addition to the day after such a big breakfast. As a treat there was also complimentary ice creams eaten while by the river.

Next we were driven to the village and beach of Azbuk where we had lots of time to swim in the sea and take photos. I was also surprised to find that there was a lunch included at the beach cafe. I didn’t have anything to eat, partly because I was still full and partly because I didn’t want any of the options which included eggs and bread. Everyone else ate and the portions were huge so I’m glad I saved myself for dinner.

In the evening we drove a short distance to another restaurant and had a meal next to the water with a glass of wine before heading back to Dalyan about 9pm. We had a great day out and our guide, Murat, had turned out to be great fun with a wicked sense of humour!!
Ma and Pa went for a drink in Jiks when we got back to Dalyan while we headed to Lukka bar for some pre-ordered rice pudding for my friends. Süt Laç proved to be popular with my guests but I was still too full and don’t like the taste of it. It was turning cold so my parents came to join us for a drink at Lukka before we all went home. The next day would be an interesting one, which my parents decided not to join in on as they didn’t want to get arrested or hurt themselves.

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