While my Aussie friends took themselves off to Rhodes for a couple of days on Wednesday 9th October, I spent time just chilling out in Dalyan – having a quiet couple of days before our next adventure. We got some great help from someone on a Facebook group who had recently been to Rhodes and we also did a bit of research. They got a taxi to Fethiye with Sonuç from Dalyan Airport Transfers, on Wednesday 9th October, then the ferry across so they could visit the old town and stay in a swish place for one night. I took myself for a walk across to the other side of town and went to Melek Anne for breakfast – the views were fantastic but the breakfast not quite as good as I had envisaged from recommendations. There were also a load of ‘gobby’ holidaymakers in the next hotel who were smoking and having Skype calls back home with their family so it spoiled it for me somewhat. In the evening I had arranged to go to Yener’s Place with my parents so I could have gluten free pizza and then meet friends for drinks in Lukka bar. In the afternoon I happened to be sat on the balcony at home when a passing friend spotted me and called in for a G&T. We had to collect my gluten free bread from Bakery No10 so wandered over and found it wasn’t quite ready – that’s where it started to get messy! We ended up drinking wine in the garden at Jiks, and I even started eating my freshly cooked bread straight out of the bag as I couldn’t wait and it smelled so good. I had to hurry to drop my bread off at home and meet ma and pa at Soul Kitchen for our usual pre-dinner drinks. The pizza at Yener’s Place was good but I didn’t eat much of it and took the rest home. I ended up a bit tipsy and when I woke up on Thursday 10th October I felt rough. For breakfast I had the rest of the gluten free pizza, earl grey tea and some gluten free carrot and walnut cake from Bakery No10. At lunch I met up with friends and neighbours at Lukka bar but only drank orange juice and soda water as I was still feeling a bit fragile. I had some Turkish delight as an afternoon snack and waited for the Aussies to return. They were at least an hour later than expected on the ferry and they had requested döner kebabs for food that night, which was harder to find than you’d think – ovens were broken, some places only had frozen meat. We tried 3 places and finally got some at Dalyan cafe, opposite Mustang Bar, where the portions were big and we really enjoyed our food. On the way home the Aussies bought takeaway rice pudding, from Aksoy Bakery, to have back home.
We packed our overnight stuff in to rucksacks for the next day as we were off on a trip we had been looking forward to for months!

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