Saying goodbye to my parents was hard even though we’d had such an amazing 7 weeks in Dalyan but I hoped to see them again in 6 or 7 months.
The morning didn’t quite go to plan but we ended up all going to Yummy’s for breakfast as it was nearby. I had my usual bacon, beans and mushrooms with earl grey tea and soda water (I was hungover), the other three had a full English. We said our goodbyes outside Jiks and tried not to get too upset! In the afternoon I bought winter boots and a warm coat from a friend who had advertised on the Dalyan buy and sell Facebook pages. The exchange took place back at Yummy’s with a bit of chat with a couple of Dalyan dwellers.
That evening we realised it was the closing night at River Terrace and Captain Caveman had not been there yet this year for food so we went early. I had a lovely chicken shish with a yogurt dip and the rice was served without pasta in, which is gluten free. The potatoes were lovely too and Captain Caveman really enjoyed his lamb shank.

On Saturday 26th October I had gluten free toast with beans on and only water to drink. Now that the holiday with my parents was over it was time to get back to being a bit healthier. We volunteered at the dog shelter too and it was sad to see some of our old favourites were still there and in need of a home still. Oscar remembered me and insisted on a walk and a couple of dogs got adopted.
Back to trying new places to eat we opted for Bistro Clou which is close to our apartment and had a sunny outdoor table available. I had prawn salad, Captain Caveman had smoked trout and we shared a side of beetroot. It was delicious and while Captain Caveman had a couple of beers I had fresh pomegranate juice for a very healthy lunch!

In the afternoon Captain Caveman and I sat on the balcony at home and discussed his plans for next year – he already has his work schedule. This led to me trying to decide what my plans would be and I hoped to squeeze another (earlier) trip back to Dalyan on my way to the north of England for a friend’s wedding at the beginning of May.
That evening we stayed in with a precooked chicken from the butcher’s (for 15 lira) which we ate on the balcony with some salad, a few crisps and a bottle of red wine. The slow cooker was on with a huge brisket and veg in there, ready for the next day (or two)!

Just as we were settling down for a bit of Netflix and chill we couldn’t get the phone and cable to work because it needed ‘scanning in’. We went out for wine instead at Bistro Blue – well it was Saturday night and it wasn’t like I had a something important to do early the next morning!!!

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