Our week on Monday 21st October started with French onion soup for breakfast followed by me getting the kitchen table on a Facebook buy and sell site. Our table is good but too big for us and we never use the extendable option on it. I had interest straight away and we needed to stay in for the man coming to see the fridge. I’d also got a woman who wanted the fridge interested in our double bed and bedside drawers so I stripped the bed and we moved in to the twin room so that she could come to view and/or buy.
By 2pm a guy from Lotus camping in Dalyan had come to look at and pay for the fridge but only had a motorbike, no van. Captain Caveman leapt off the sofa and down to the motorbike where, in true Vietnamese style, he managed to put the fridge with bungee cord on to the back of the bike. The two of them managed to secure it well and I even got a photo and checked he made it to the campsite unscathed – luckily the purchaser had travelled in Asia and so had seen far more items on the back of a motorbike and it all worked out well.

We went to Jiks for a late lunch where I had a chicken kebab and it was very tasty, Captain Caveman had a pizza and it looked great. Here in Dalyan you can get Avon and so I collected my order and went back to meet the table lady. She paid a deposit and promised to return the next day to collect – she also had arrived by motorbike but it would be a tall order to fit a dining table, 4 chairs and a spare set of seat covers on it. The lady with the bed was unfortunately unable to come until another day and so we left the bed as it was, went to meet my parents for a pre-dinner drink at Soul Kitchen (another one of my favourites where they have a playlist for my parents). They treated us to a complimentary fruit plate with sparklers and a firework on the street. My parents said they would be booking a flight to go back home, to the UK, for this coming Friday and so I wanted to make sure we saw them as much as possible before then. We decided on another meal at Adilan, which was a first for Captain Caveman, and we had a really good meal with wine. I have to say the jacket potato that came with my steak was the best I have had in a long time!

Captain Caveman had decided to give my parents our TV table and so on Tuesday 22nd October we carried it round to their place. They swapped it for a wicker shelf unit which we took to the bin on the way to get a pedicure. Captain Caveman’s feet were a real state after his expedition in Indonesia and so we were both booked in at the same time at Mimi’s Beauty Salon. I had my usual lady who is very good and she even picked me out a nice purple colour for the varnish – Captain Caveman had Mimi, no varnish. After we had finished, I was hungry so we popped to Yummy’s for a breakfast where I had my usual bacon, beans and mushrooms.

The ‘table’ lady came in the afternoon to collect the table and we did have a laugh that the man who came to help her had to put it in his boot which already had stuff in it. The apartment was starting to look less cluttered and we went to the Beko Shop to choose a new fridge which would be delivered the next day.
In the evening we were joined by my parents and a friend for the first of the weekly free quizzes at Lukka bar. Unfortunately there were far more people turned up than booked in so we had to wait a long time for our food. It came while we were doing the quiz but we managed between the 5 of us to still eat and answer most of the questions – around us others were complaining quite a bit! We didn’t win the quiz but Captain Caveman knew quite a few answers and he does love a quiz.

On Wednesday 23rd October I had my usual gluten free toast for breakfast but with cheese instead of butter. We were still hoping to have someone come to view the bed and so we were still sleeping in the spare room, but couldn’t order the new bed until we knew if the lady wanted this one. Unfortunately the lady didn’t come and didn’t answer my message so I decided we would give it up and wait until our next visitors had been in November to replace all the beds with ones which have storage beneath.
For lunch we met my parents who wanted to see Yener before they left Dalyan this week and so I had gluten free pizza once again. While there the fridge delivery man called to confirm delivery and Yener was able to help translate for us. Back home the fridge was delivered promptly and we were going to get our kitchen changed slightly to make room for it.
As ma and pa would leave on Friday we had suggested they should choose where we would eat and drink on their last few days. That evening we met at Soul Kitchen and then they chose Ramazan’s where I tried the really tasty garlic prawns and shared them as a starter, followed by steaks all round and plenty of wine.
After dinner Captain Caveman decided we would have a nightcap in a bar where a friend was drinking, so I had a gin and ginger ale at Efes bar. The music was great the selection of gins was good but it was incredibly smokey despite not being that busy and so we only stayed for one drink.

It was my parents last day on Thursday 24th October and so we had already agreed where we would spend their last night.
Before that though, Captain Caveman and I were up early and had breakfast at home before donning our work clothes and wellies and heading down to the tea gardens to meet our fellow Riverbums. For those who aren’t familiar Riverbums meet every Thursday, throughout the year, and go along the river to clear it and the surrounding areas of litter which has been dumped or left where it shouldn’t have. Dalyan has a lot of bins located at the ends or corners of most roads and so it is very frustrating to see that people still do not put litter in a bin because they are too lazy. Between 10am and 1pm we collected 88 glass bottles, a broken plastic chair, a load of plastic (bottles and bags), food wrappers, cigarette packets and fishing hooks/line. Everyone worked hard then had a drink together after at the tea gardens where Captain Caveman and I bought a couple of the Riverbums t-shirts to wear next week (I was wearing my Jungle Boss t-shirt from Vietnam this week).

For lunch we popped to one of my favourite restaurants, which was a first this year for Captain Caveman, Kordon. Luckily it is open in the winter time and does gluten free options. I had chicken shish and Captain Caveman had the biggest pide I’ve seen in a while. I had a couple of glasses of white wine but then had to leave Captain Caveman with his beer while I went to meet a man about a dog. John was entered in to the forthcoming Caretta run and had unfortunately broken his foot while here, resulting in a cast and crutches. Instead of giving up he decided to ask on a Facebook group if anyone could push him round the 5km course as he was raising money for the dog charity. As it happened I had no plans so I volunteered and he accepted and I went to meet him to practice pushing him in a wheelchair – how hard could it be!?

My parents, Captain Caveman and I had an excellent last night at Bistro Blue (of course you guessed it) where we ate like kings and made full use of that dancefloor. Captain Caveman and I shared starters of garlic mushrooms and liver & onions then both had the stuffed cheese meatballs which were all so good. Of course we had a few wines and then had a good laugh with Selahı and Annie, the owners, to wish my parents well for the end of their 7 week holiday!
I finished the night on the cosmopolitans not caring if I got a hangover!

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