The last week of October started with breakfast at Sakli Bahçe (on Monday 28th) while feeling a little bit achy after the Caretta run (push) the previous day. It was a first visit for both of us and it didn’t disappoint; the views were good of the tombs, it was their last day of opening and it got very busy. Captain Caveman had most of the breakfast due to it being mostly gluten and eggs but what I could eat was lovely.

We stopped at Ali’s restaurant for a tea on the way back to watch the celebrations in the square for the bank holiday and went to the supermarket. In the afternoon we had a couple in Amy’s bar and then stayed in to eat our brisket – mine with veg, his in a sandwich.
It was a very relaxing day and I was looking forward to a few more of those!

We tried another new place for lunch on Tuesday 29th October, one that had been suggested before a couple of times but had never made it to getting a visit. I’d had my usual gluten free toast and butter for breakfast and then we had a few errands to run so stopped at Natural Paradise restaurant. It was a bank holiday in Turkey so the town was busier than usual (even the beach bus timetable had changed again) but we were sat in the Turkish quarter at a quiet section. We both had a chicken shish and it was really lovely, possibly having the best chips in Dalyan! In the afternoon we had ice-cream from Cherry Up which was very good and another first visit for both of us.
For dinner we dined at home on brisket with salad before popping out to Lukka Bar for the quiz. This week there was just me, Captain Caveman and a friend trying to win a quiz about Halloween – I had no chance! Instead Mehmet, the owner, let me find my own gin out of his cupboard and I had 4 with ginger ale. We didn’t win and we wished we had ordered the fish and chips as it looked really good.

Wednesday 30th October was the last night at Adilan’s restaurant so I chose there as a place to have dinner with friends for a fantastic evening and I got merry, so much so that we ended up in Lukka Bar after, meeting more people and doing shots! I knew I’d probably regret it the next morning too.

I was feeling slightly fragile on Thursday 31st October as Captain Caveman reminded me of doing tequila shots the night before in Lukka bar. In other people’s world it was Halloween but I’ve never been a follower and it seems to have taken off in the UK since I left. Instead it was a fairly normal day beginning with gluten free bread for breakfast and then a stint of volunteering with the Riverbums.
We had a successful day, the weather was great and we could see some areas where the historic dumping of rubbish was lessening. Back at the tea gardens I was parched and had to have a Pepsi to sort me out. After showers Captain Caveman and I went to Yener’s Place for a Gluten Free pizza (and homemade chips) which went down a treat with some left for later. In the evening Captain Caveman was suffering with a bad cold and took himself off to bed while I had a Bailey’s!

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