It was all happening on Friday 1st November!!! So much so I thought it a good idea to check how my weight was – given all this eating and drinking in Dalyan it was certainly proving hard work to keep my slim figure. It turned out my weight and measurements were the same as last week and I was just surprised I’d not put weight on.
It had rained in the night and so was a bit wet outside as I ate my gluten free cornflakes with milk for breakfast. Captain Caveman was still under the weather so he stayed home while I went to get my passport photos ready for my appointment to start my application for Turkish residency. It didn’t take too long and I was able to apply for my annual health insurance too. I would need to wait for the appointment to come through and I opted for doing it after our next visitors had left to go to Muğla rather than Fethiye. If given the agreement it meant that I would be able to come and go as many times as I like without having to stick to just the 90 days within 180 days, stipulated on my current visa. I also decided to do my residency application through a trusted agent rather than go it alone and risk me messing it up, afterall my flight back to Vietnam was already booked for mid January. On my way back from the fairly straightforward process I popped in to Lukka Bar to try a Halloumi salad and a bit of cherry and almond gluten free cake (of which I took a second piece home) – both were amazing. Later that afternoon the first of our wardrobes arrived and were placed in the ensuite bedroom. Yusuf and his carpenter’s were about to have their work cut out these next 3 days as we aimed to add fitted wardrobes in a sloping alcove as well as replace existing kitchen cupboards to house our new bigger and better fridge freezer, all before Captain Caveman’s parents came to stay for the first time.
Captain Caveman was on the mend and so for dinner we went to Ramazan Han’s last evening of the season. It was wonderful and we had to have the Garlic King prawns again, as well as the best steak and a bottle of wine. While we were there some street dogs came to say hello and sat patiently waiting for any left overs so I had to save them a tiny morcel each, which I took round the corner and made them sit nicely for a piece of steak each – one gave me a paw!

On Saturday 2nd November we were up early for a bit of dogging (me on foot, Captain Caveman on his bike).
Some of our Dalyan friends were there helping out too and it was a very hot day with plenty of lovely dogs needing a walk.
When we returned we went for an afternoon drink at Bistro Blue before getting ready for dinner at a place we’d not been to before. It was Kervansary’s last night and we had a lovely meal with a discount on a good bottle of wine too.

We got up early on Sunday 3rd because we were expecting the workmen who had been building our new wardrobes and cupboards, they knew they had to be finished by Monday and there had been a few hold ups. We had breakfast and lunch at home but in the evening we watched the sunset behind the mountains from Soul Kitchen with a wine and cheese. We also decided to go to Bistro Blue for their last night and to watch the USA Grand Prix. The food was amazing as always we had mushrooms and garlic prawns to share, followed by their amazing stuffed meatballs for me, liver for him, all washed down with a bottle of red wine. It probably won’t surprise anyone that it turned in to rather a late night and it all just got a bit too much on the dancefloor later on!

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