Christmas Eve Eve can often be more festive than Christmas itself but nothing had prepared me for the level of excitement I would endure on Monday 23rd December! There was no time for wasting on meals, so I had toast with butter for breakfast and just some chestnuts for lunch, as Captain Caveman and I got on with DIY and house stuff because he had only 5 days left until he headed home to Vietnam. In the evening Sarah needed our help with a pompom rug that had now become urgent but, for those of you who know me well, I hate anything even remotely arts and crafts! We went to Jiks in the rain to meet her and get a drink and dinner – I had steak (the first I’ve had there) as I was starving and it was good. Once we had eaten Captain Caveman calculated the size of the rug and I was dragged in to tying pompoms on to the matting while she made more. As if the task couldn’t have been any more painful but then a woman, who Sarah knew, came to check what we were doing and tell me I was doing it wrong! If the rug wasn’t a Christmas present for Jamie I wouldn’t have helped but I knew she was struggling to finish on time. We left after that with it half done and leaving Sarah with the ‘helpful’ woman. We were looking forward to a nice and quiet Christmas Eve to be honest.

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