Tuesday 24th December, or Christmas Eve to many of you, started with a bacon and mushroom gluten free sandwich and an earl grey tea at home. Captain Caveman was still on a mission to finish as many jobs as possible and had also started to pile up all his belongings on the floor in the spare room, ready for packing or storing – he still had to dismantle two bicycles ready to be stored under the new bed, once it arrived in January. We were also meant to be joining some Dalyan Dwellers on the sunshine bus for an afternoon on the beach but everyone was watching the weather to see if we would take Plan B instead.
While other buses went ahead as planned our one decided to cancel and head to the local boozer instead. At 1pm we downed tools, grabbed some snacks and headed to Lukka bar where I had a cheeky cider and Captain Caveman had an Efes Malt. Maddie had to work at Dalyance at 3pm so we all decided to go with her and I had wine and we decided to order food. On first glance the lunch menu at Dalyance is certainly a gluten free person’s nemesis but the staff and chef get the requests easily and can adapt the dishes. I had an amazing steak wrap (without the wrap) and chips which basically came as a huge pile of steak strips, onion, peppers, salad and sweetcorn and it was really tasty. After Dalyance, four of us went to River House for dinner where I had garlic mushrooms and chicken risotto with wine, the others had lamb dishes which looked impressive.
To finish off our evening we had one more drink in Mustang bar (I had the obligatory Bailey’s and some crisps). Sarah was really enjoying herself and so we left her there talking to some friends and trying to stop a small dog from being ‘raped’ by the huge lion-faced dog who was persistent with her.
It was a good day but I was tired and we had to be up early on Christmas day!

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