On Friday 3rd January I had agreed to do a one-off comedy night at Lukka bar as Jaqueline De Plonk and there was a select few booked in to watch. I had written down a few pointers as well as a few funny stories a little on the rude side. I’d also prepared 3 songs for the beginning, middle and end of my set and requested that cherry juice be poured in to an empty red wine bottle so that I could pretend to be drunk throughout the set.
I had borrowed a wig, a trench coat and a feather boa for the act but unfortunately the wig wouldn’t stay on and the rest of it was off by the end of the night. It was a good first experience and people did laugh – only 3 people didn’t come back after the interval! I was tipsy as the cherry juice prop had not materialised and instead I had drank red wine so a few of us went to Sky lounge afterwards.

On Saturday 4th January I felt a little hungry when I woke up and so I headed to Lukka bar for my breakfast which sorted me out. For lunch I had homemade chicken soup at home and had some floral gums while watching Netflix and doing a bit of blogging. Jamie and Graeme were off for a meal and so Sarah and I had decided to have a date night of our own and had also asked the Aussies to join us. The place we chose wasn’t open so we ended up at Kordon, one of my favourites for gluten free food. Amanda wasn’t impressed as she really hates the look and smell of fish and there was a counter displaying an assortment of fresh fish. She didn’t eat because they had already eaten at home but then Greg decided to just have a starter – of calamari!
I had the steak and a side of beetroot and thoroughly enjoyed it but I decided not to drink which meant I’d had 2 alcohol free days in January so far!

Serendip, a local vegetarian restaurant, was having a closing/moving sale at mid-day on Sunday 5th January so Sarah and I decided to pop along to see if we fancied anything. I bought 3 bottles of discounted but decent red wine and was about to go home to do some chores but Sarah didn’t want to go home yet and wanted to get some soup. We ended up at Le Cafe (another new place for me) for brunch where I had fruit salad and yogurt and her the chicken soup. It was a little pricey but the earl grey tea was large and the inside of the cafe was really nice. Later I joined Jamie, Graeme and Sarah for Sunday lunch as it was their last one as they were off back home on Monday. I ended up drinking a bottle of red to myself too and even took my own gluten free stuffing and gravy!
I said my goodbyes to Jamie and Graeme that night and we arranged to see each other again in Dalyan on the 29th April.

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