My 2020 started in Lukka bar, Dalyan, enjoying the night a bit too much which meant I didn’t leave the house on Wednesday 1st January due to being hungover and having been accidentally glutened.
While I was feeling sick as a dog Captain Caveman was off on his journey to find new caves in Laos and the Aussies were downstairs building furniture and updating their new pad.
I forced myself to have roast potatoes with gluten free gravy for lunch but felt too ill to eat much. I tried to drink as much water as possible too. By the evening I was peckish and so I had gluten free pasta with bolognese and some walnuts, a gluten free chocolate biscuit and a babybel cheese. I didn’t have any alcohol until Thursday 2nd January and you probably already predicted I wouldn’t be a dry January participant.

The Aussies had already found a new place for breakfast which I didn’t realise was open so we all headed to Köşem where the Turkish breakfast looked good and I had my usual English version. While they had appointments I did a bit of shopping and had a drink in Jiks with Sarah, Jamie and Graeme before meeting back up for dinner. We had decided to try Serendip but it was closed so we settled on Heybe instead. I had a prawn starter and a chicken shish which was very nice and washed it down with a wine or two.
I had a relatively early night though as I needed to be prepared for my debut comedy night on Friday as Jaqueline de Plonk.

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