The week started with rain and so I decided to have a snickers instead of going out for breakfast on Monday 17th February. By lunchtime it hadn’t stopped raining and so I decided to wait until Captain Caveman came back from Son Doong to go out. In the meantime I’d checked the bus and train times for a rather spontaneous trip to Danang and Hoi An with friends. We decided to have some food at Phong Nha Underground in the afternoon, even though Captain Caveman had his gala dinner at Chay Lap that evening, he had chicken pasta alfredo and I had the tamarind chicken which was a big portion and really tasty. As Captain Caveman left in a car I was joined by Ally and we had some wine before heading up to Momma D’s for a drink with quite a few people. Captain Caveman joined later and we had to say farewell to Ally who would be back later in the year. I inadvertently managed to drink 5 red wines but then the new staff at Momma D’s were certainly on their toes for making sure I wasn’t left thirsty! I wasn’t planning on a late night as we had to be up fairly early on Tuesday for our little trip away from Phong Nha.

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