I was still going to yoga every day and on Monday 16th March it was a fairly normal day. Captain Caveman had gone off on a one day cave expedition and would be back for dinner. Chrissy, Josh and I had breakfast after yoga class and then cycled back from town. We called in to Coffee Station and I had a tea – it was back on the menu at last. Captain Caveman came back at 3pm and we went to The Villas for a drink at happy hour with Josh and Chrissy. Later we went to Namaste for curry which was just as good as usual.
After dinner we went to Momma D’s and I had a couple of wines, and chatted with some of the cave expedition cavers.

It was St Patrick’s Day on Tuesday 17th March and the only Irish person I knew who may be celebrating it was our housemate. He was currently in Danang, quarantined in a brewery with as much beer as he could handle. Captain Caveman was back off on a 5 day caving expedition and this would be the final trip to find new caves, as planned. Chrissy, Josh and I went to yoga and then ate at Nguyen Shack Eco Resort before cycling back home. I was still trying to find some furniture for the new home and we couldn’t move in until the toilet was fixed and we were on a budget now so I had to drink less wine (£13.30 is the cheapest non-vietnamese wine in town). Josh and I went to Little Vietnam for lunch and had a mix of veggie dishes which were all lovely – my favourite was the cabbage. Meanwhile the news we were hearing from the UK was that it was going a bit wild and reports on the news also said that Turkey would cancel all flights to and from the UK as well as other high risk countries.
In the evening we went to Momma D’s before and after dinner. We had a lovely meal as a three (me, Chrissy and Josh) at Underground not knowing this could be our last dinner there. We went back to Momma D’s for more wine!

Wednesday 18th March was a pretty sad day as far as Phong Nha days go! We still had our morning yoga and breakfast and then cycled back so that Josh could pack and Chrissy could brace herself for the return of Watto. There were rumours around town that the locals were no longer welcoming foreigners and that some were experiencing negativity – I was fine except for people staying a bit further away than usual but I could understand that.
Watto was back and once he’d gone to his gala dinner I went to join Chrissy for wine. We were on our second glass when Josh joined us for a beer – this would be the last time as they were all heading back to the UK. Josh cycled down to town with his big bag and I took his hand-luggage (which was quite heavy). We had our final meal together at Capture and by the time Watto and Tatas joined us, Chrissy and I were tipsy. I didn’t want Josh to leave, he thought I was a bit daft for agreeing to stay! We headed over to Momma D’s where everyone was having a drink at the big long table. When it came to the time for Josh to go to get the bus to Hanoi both me and Tatas went to say bye at the bus office. It was also Watto, Chrissy, Jo and Andrew’s last chance for a knees up but when we went back to Momma D’s at 9.30pm, everyone had gone. I drank the remainder of my wine and then cycled home, feeling a little bit sad!

On Thursday 19th March there was some bad news; our yoga teacher, the White Russian, had decided to head to the UK to be with her family. I had been doing the daily class now for exactly 2 weeks and was really enjoying it. I’d even managed to drag the ex-lodger along to try it. After the class Chrissy and Tatas had a look at the teacher’s crystal collection and snapped up some bargain necklaces while I took photos of the wandering buffalo. I’d arranged with our landlady to have our fridge moved from our old room to the new one and when I got back to town Watto was waiting for Chrissy and telling me to hurry because the lads were here. I’d already let the landlady know I still needed to empty it and to come back later but when I pulled on to the drive Watto was already shouting the lads over. The lads had to watch me empty the very full fridge at top speed while they stood there with a mixture of impatience and surprise. They could not believe how much stuff (alcohol) was in there and kept laughing at me. It took them less than 10 seconds to pick up the fridge and set it back down in the new room. I started moving some more stuff in and having a general tidy up. In the evening I headed to Phong Nha Eatery where I ate duck spring rolls and a duck main dish too. I decided not to drink any alcohol that night and went home to have an early night.

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