The first thing I did on the first day of our enforced social distancing stint, on Wednesday 1st April, was to review my wordpress blog stats for March. I’d published 12 blog posts during the month and that equated to one more than in February, however my total views was a bit disappointing as I’d had 53% less in March than February. My readers were still the same top 3 by country; UK, Vietnam, Turkey but both Vietnam and Turkey readers had declined. In 4th, 5th and 6th place were Germany, USA and Australia which was good to see but what really surprised me is that China was now in 7th place.

My next job was done with a cup of ginger tea – I checked my NCOVI app for updates on new cases, deaths and recoveries in Vietnam, as well as updating my health status on the app so that I can be tracked. Vietnam now had 212 people infected with the virus, zero deaths and 58 recovered – a 27% recovery rate at this stage was still better than average.
For breakfast we went to Oxalis Home, who had been allowed to stay open so that staff had somewhere to eat. We wore masks to go there, we sat away from anyone else and the pho ga was a welcome breakfast for me. Next we went to Coffee Station so Captain Caveman could order his breakfast of eggs benedict and I had an early lunch of fruit salad with yoghurt. Johnny, the owner, had arranged a board outside with info to order takeaways and had also spaced the tables out so that everyone was 2m apart.

In the afternoon I messaged my sister a daft picture of me on Snapchat, which now has a jazzy version of the face mask selfie for us to try out. I made a list of things to do while staying at home and even got back in to doing a puzzle from some half started books I had. I was still peckish before it got to dinner time so I had a (slightly passed it’s best) Snickers and a boiled sweet with Himalayan salt in it which was odd, but I’m all for trying new things while I’m staying at home. In the evening I decided to try a healthy meal from Phong Nha Vegan which also coincided well with a reply about getting a bottle of Kahlua. Momma D said we could collect the keys for her rooftop bar and go collect a bottle which she would put on our tab, so Captain Caveman popped for the keys while I waited a few doors away for the takeaway of mushroom Lalot and fresh spring rolls. Captain Caveman didn’t get the keys as Momma D couldn’t find them, we had to open our first bottle of the emergency wine instead. After dinner it was a race to get to our phones, log in to Netflix and watch Tiger King. I was a couple of episodes behind Captain Caveman plus it’s too difficult for two of us to watch the same phone screen anyway so we both put headphones on and watched separately.

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