On Thursday 9th April we decided to go for a cycle to Oxalis so that Captain Caveman could check on something work related. I took advantage of being able to have a pho ga for breakfast and a cold green tea while we were there. It was a beautiful day and the river looked so peaceful and picturesque. On the way back home we stopped off so that Captain Caveman could ask the cleaner to bring us a replacement water and clean both rooms the next day. Here in Phong Nha, no one drinks out of the tap and so we have to buy 20 litre containers from the water man – we are lucky to have Lung (the cleaner) who will collect it for us at a very small cost. For lunch we finished off the wine and vegan food from the night before and I learned more Turkish before having a couple of gins. Captain Caveman took on another home improvement job and turned our downlighters in to uplighters – it made such a difference too. In the evening we ordered curry (yet again) but I wasn’t getting bored of it. Raj at Namaste is easy to deal with and the food is definitely the best available to be able to eat some and keep some. Captain Caveman decided to pimp up his bicycle for the curry run, with it being so dark outside he needed extra lighting. He even found some cooler bags which he used to transport the food so that it was still piping hot. We finished off the evening with a whisky and had a little toast to our friend, Ally, who had gifted us the whisky. Ally was also meant to be returning from Japan to Vietnam this month but that was not about to happen because of the virus. Had things been going to plan I would have been in Hanoi right now, waiting for The Aussies to arrive the next day but that had been postponed until 2021.

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