Things in the glass house (our home) had started to slide somewhat by Wednesday 8th April. While I ate a rice cracker and some raisins with a ginger tea, Captain Caveman was sat at the breakfast table with leftover pizza and a beer. It was still cool outside and a bit rainy. The ex-lodger/neighbour had several workmen fitting some railings on his balcony which would have been the envy of any of the Tiger King cast. We were slightly worried he’d have a tan with markings of a tiger by the time the summer came. At lunch I remembered why I had thought the chicken fried rice is best to be eaten fresh as it was quite congealed and not as good the next day – I picked out the chicken and sweetcorn and ate that. In the afternoon we opened the penultimate bottle of wine which was reckless, knowing we would only have one bottle left to last the next 6 days. In the evening we collected a slab of beer for Captain Caveman and a delicious meal from Phong Nha Vegan which I ate with some gluten free soy sauce given to me by Jo (the caver) when they left.
I decided it would be a good idea to download the latest series of Ozark to watch on Netflix, only to realise I never watched any of the second series.

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