1. The food and drink – most of all I miss being able to get a decent gluten free alternative bread, cereal and pasta. I miss having a proper kitchen (with an oven) and even the microwave to warm up my leftovers. I miss lots of restaurants and all the gorgeous food on the boat trips. I wish I’d brought some Turkish delight with me too.

2. The people – lots of lovely friends and drinking buddies, as well as all the friendly business owners and workers I know. I miss the Riverbums and the weekly clean ups and the flower sellers. All those Dalyanites I promised to see this month too.

3. The dogs – I miss the dog shelter and all those poor pooches who just want a bit of attention and a short walk.

4. The views – of the river and the tombs and the gorgeous sunsets, the ones at Kaunos or of the street from a favourite bar and of all the boats.

5. Turkish tea – you can’t beat it!

6. Fire Opal – I miss the home comforts, the swimming pool and the relaxing surroundings (and the neighbours).

7. Boat trips – the relaxing days out at sea or on the lake, visiting the beach or a moonlight cruise. Enjoying the quieter boats as a private group or joining a tour on the water and meeting people. Taking in the views which are different each time.

8. BC Spa – having full body or back massages, enjoying the hamam and the reflexology. Getting a face mask or chilling by the pool and seeing all the friendly staff there.

9. Pamper sessions – the pedicures at my favourite salon, the look of my glittery toe polish in my nice sandals. Having a trip to my amazing hairdresser who gives me the best curls.

10. Markets – trying the produce before we buy and getting such good fruit and veg. Wandering round and seeing what’s in season and choosing something to munch on.

2 thoughts on “10 Things I’m missing about Dalyan

  1. As I scrolled down this fab post, smiling at the similarities of the memories I am also missing making this year, I saw at the bottom a fellow “Sheffielder”, now living a long way away!! I have a house in Dalyan so mi casa su casa Jo when I eventually get there – be great to exchange Sheffield (& Dalyan!) tales over a chai! Stay safe x


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