While I’ve been staying at home for the month of April we have had to rely on takeaway and delivery food from the eateries that have been able to accommodate us in Phong Nha during this difficult period.
I’ve made a top 10 list of who was able to feed us and some of the dishes we enjoyed, both during the Corona social distancing in the first half of April and by my own foolish injury in the second. There are other places available too and these are not in any particular order.

1. Omar’s Namaste
Raj at Omar’s Namaste has been our saviour this month with some of the best service and the most consistently good food. I don’t generally eat lamb and can’t eat gluten but the filling in those lamb samosas are amazing. The chicken dishes I’ve had have all been great and we’ve been known to have leftovers for breakfast, lunch and dinner this month. Beers are cold and they have plenty of wine.
Eat in or takeaway.

2. East Hill
This place has got it right; a simple menu, perfectly cooked whole chicken and sticky rice with great packaging – not a plastic bag in sight!
Eat in, takeaway or free delivery in Phong Nha.

3. Phong Nha Coffee Station
I don’t know where we would be if my ‘carer’, Captain Caveman, couldn’t get his fix of espressos and eggs benedict in a morning. Johnny, the owner, is so helpful and friendly too – making sure all his customers are happy.
Eat in or takeaway.

4. Phong Nha Eatery
The new sibling of The Coffee Station offers customers some great dishes from a very accomplished chef. My favourites are the duck dishes!
Eat in or takeaway

5. Phong Nha Vegan
Neither of us are vegans but the dishes here are fantastic. I’ve always enjoyed the fresh spring rolls and mushroom Lalot but more recently have enjoyed the eggplant stew and sweet potato fries.
Takeaway or delivery

6. Lake House
This place opened recently to serve delicious pizzas to the area. Unfortunately I can’t eat them because of my gluten allergy but they look and smell amazing – so much that I took the toppings off and put them on rice crackers to try.
Delivery only

7. Vung Hue
One of the best and original Vietnamese restaurants in Phong Nha was our saviour for some pork. The ribs here are one of my favourite dishes. The food is consistently good and piping hot.
Eat in, takeaway or free delivery in Phong Nha

8. Oxalis Home
My favourite dish here is the chicken and cashew nuts served with steamed rice, the portions are generous and the restaurant is set by the river with stunning views.
Eat in

9. D’Arts
This restaurant has amazing bun cha, smoked sausage and spring rolls (as well as other dishes). It has comfy seating inside and a well stocked fridge with cold beers and ciders.
Eat in or takeaway

10. Phong Nha Underground
One of the best restaurants in Phong Nha for western/Italian meals. Captain Caveman always has the beefburger with extra cheese and bacon while I usually have tamarind glazed chicken, beef stew or garden rolls. You can also get a decent bottle of wine.
Eat in, takeaway or delivery (at a small cost)

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