We were allowed out from 16th April but because of a drunken injury I was no longer mobile enough to leave the house. I googled less because Captain Caveman was now able to go out and about much more, so there was less conversation. Here is a list of what I did look up in those last 2 weeks of April:

1. Sprained ankle
2. Broken ankle
3. Have I broken or sprained my ankle
4. RICE for injury
5. Injured ankle
6. Injured knee
7. Broken toe
8. Ligament injury
9. Natura Pu Luong
10. Cushions
11. Easy Jet
12. BBC News UK
13. Gathering for a death
14. Penelope Wilton
15. Peter Egan
16. Too Hot To Handle – what happened to the cast after the show
17. World Life Expectancy data
18. Garden furniture
19. Coccyx pain when sitting
20. Turkish lira exchange rate

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