On Friday 8th May I woke up aching everywhere but my arms were particularly sore and I felt pretty shit. We were still waiting for these illusive storms to come and cool Phong Nha down but it wasn’t looking likely. Vietnam had a further 17 infections of Corona virus from Vietnamese people returning from abroad which were luckily already in quarantine and 1 more person had recovered. The world had 94,500 more cases, 5,000 more deaths and 41,000 recovered. The UK had hit an alarming 30,000 deaths now and were second to USA in the amount of people to die from Corona virus, they had 206,000 cases in total which ranked 4th in the world.
I’d wore my new bandages which Captain Caveman had picked up in Dong Hoi the day before and found they were very good but incredibly tight, so I kept icing and elevating as much as possible. Captain Caveman went out to get my prescription while I got on with Turkish lessons, writing and eating! For lunch I decided to eat peanut M&Ms – now that I had discovered they were gluten free I was addicted to them.
For dinner we had Phong Nha Underground takeaway; burger for him and tamarind chicken for me. After, we watched more episodes of Ozark on Netflix. I called my parents too who were keeping themselves busy and were going to continue to stay at home even if the UK did reduce any lockdown rules. It had been 3 weeks since I had been out for a drink and had not gone this long without alcohol for a longtime. The strange thing was, I didn’t miss it.

When I woke up on Saturday 9th May I still ached and realised that it was probably dehydration, having not been out or done anything too exerting in a while. It was hot and sunny and I chose to stay in my PJs (well, a pair of shorts and a t-shirt designated for lounging/sleeping in). I had my usual rice crackers and laughing cow for breakfast with a pot of oolong tea made by Captain Caveman (and I didn’t even have to ask)!
Vietnam had 8 more recovered cases and I checked in as healthy on the NCOVI app. I asked Captain Caveman if we could look at my scan and x-ray pictures so he held them up to the bedroom window – there were lots of images but I’m not sure exactly what of! I later deduced (from Google, obviously) that it was definitely my medial collateral ligament in my knee and probably the CFL in my ankle which were the damaged ones. For lunch we had a bit of a picnic with what we had in the fridge and it was very nice indeed. One of our baby geckos, Goldie, was on the floor and showing off a little bit, letting us take photos and looking at us. Captain Caveman went out to get me the other half of my prescription which he had been unable to get the day before and some more paracetamol – I’d never taken so many tablets!
That evening we had East Hill chicken with sticky rice for dinner (I saved some for tomorrow’s lunch) and then watched more of Ozark, series 3! At 10pm it was 32° and there was still no visible signs of any rain or storms coming. The alarm was set (not that Captain Caveman needed it because he was always awake around 6am) as he was off to work in Tu Lan on Sunday – I would have the day to myself!

On Sunday 10th May it was very hot and still no rain had come on any of the times it had been forecast. Captain Caveman and I were up early and making sure I was set up for the day, I even had a flask of iced herbal tea made for me, to drink throughout the day. For breakfast I had cheese, cashews and rice crackers and my foot was looking much better. The tablets I am taking are stronger than I’m used to and I was feeling a bit fuddled. Captain Caveman said goodbye and off he went to Tu Lan with two of his colleagues, due back for dinner later. For lunch I had leftover East Hill chicken and rice with some carrot and hummus, the chicken was just as tasty but the rice really doesn’t keep well for the next day. I had a quick look at the Corona virus data but because it was a weekend it’s not always up to date – the UK now had 215,000 cases and 31,000 deaths. I saw loads of photos on Facebook of the VE 75th Anniversary celebrations over the weekend and some very concerning social distancing street parties which did not look safe the more drunk people got. I made a mental note to see if there was a spike in the amount of cases on 22nd May. Here in the house it was a rather sweaty afternoon with the temperature reaching 33.5° indoors (with the AC on). I learned more Turkish and Goldie, the Gecko, came to see me and walked around my crutches.
Captain Caveman arrived back from work earlier than expected at 4pm and we planned for a night in with (you guessed it) one of Raj’s curries. I managed a walk to the front window to look at some cows, which Captain Caveman took a photo of for me. I had a zoom call with some friends from back home which was fun and good to hear they were keeping safe and their spirits up, despite how long they have been having to stay at home for.
We finished the last of Ozark on Netflix and then got ready for bed. I was on my way out of the bathroom when something odd happened. Our bathroom has two steps which I have to go up to get out and I had been doing it with no problem, until now. As I went to step up my bad foot went to step on the floor and my good foot just froze and would not move. I don’t know if it was a physical thing or if I was just tired but I tried it a few times and each time my good leg refused to move! I was frustrated and upset that Captain Caveman had to lift me out of the bathroom.

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