I was very frustrated with myself on Monday 11th May as I still could not get out of the bathroom. I had to resort to bum shuffling, hopping between two side tables or asking Captain Caveman to lift me – my good leg was having none of it!
The Corona virus data showed that the UK had reported another 4,000 cases and 850 deaths since the previous day. The weather forecast said it was 100% chance of thunder storms and rain – we still had nothing. For breakfast I had my usual laughing cow cheese and rice crackers but was starting to miss other breakfast options that I used to have, like pho or bacon, beans and potatoes. I kept up with exercises on my knee but I’d been finding it difficult to straighten my leg fully without it being painful – Captain Caveman took a photo of me sat on the couch with it almost straight.
It was leftover Namaste for lunch followed by snacks of peanut M & Ms which were being offered as an incentive if I could get out of the bathroom on my crutches – I still couldn’t do it and I got upset. For dinner we tried something new from Underground, the falafel salad and it tasted really nice. We started watching Win the Wilderness on Netflix which is an interesting game show and we ate some jellies.

It was a good day on Tuesday 12th May and it started with a rare appearance from George. He’s the biggest and oldest of our geckos and he’s been sleeping in the used beer can box and going out most nights but this morning he fancied a climb up the bedroom wall. Captain Caveman made me a flask of iced tea and I got to help him by drying the pots. For breakfast we had leftover curry with carrots and hummus while I caught up on the Corona news. Vietnam had another 8 recoveries, no new cases and still no deaths, although the British, overweight, pilot was needing a lung transplant and his prospects weren’t too promising. There were 75,000 new cases, 3,000 deaths and another 34,000 recoveries throughout the world in the last day.
Before lunch I decided we needed to tackle the issue of my good leg still having stage (bathroom step) fright so I decided Captain Caveman would build me a simple obstacle course for me to practice stepping. After plenty of times, making myself step over Chris Evans on the cover of his book, I had mastered it and was ready to try it in the bathroom – finally we had retrained my good leg and it worked!!
To celebrate we had an indoor picnic lunch and Captain Caveman even got the chocolate out, without being asked. In the evening we had the BBQ chicken and sticky rice from East Hill which was one of our favourite delivery options. Our Netflix choice was to continue with the game show called Win the Wilderness which was based on British couples competing to win a home in the Alaskan Wilderness and I quite enjoyed it.

Wednesday 13th May marked the fourth anniversary of me writing these blog posts. I had started it and then got too busy with work and left off but now that I’m a lady of leisure I’ve been keeping up with it much more. I even started to write more posts to fill in the gaps, especially as my reader numbers were growing and I enjoyed doing it.
While Captain Caveman headed out for breakfast with a promise to bring me back some fruit salad from Coffee Station I did my usual routine of data checking and language lessons. There were 3 more recoveries in Vietnam and no more new cases while the world stats showed a massive 75,000 recovered, 86,000 new cases and 5,500 more deaths for the previous day. The UK now had 226,000 cases and 32,600 deaths with no way of knowing the correct recovery rate.
After doing my jobs I noticed it was getting towards lunchtime but there had been no sign or word from Captain Caveman and my breakfast. At 11:45am I got too hungry to wait and ate the left over chicken and a snickers for my brunch. At 12:45 I messaged Captain Caveman to cancel my breakfast but, again, no response but he eventually called me to ask if I wanted some lunch, as he’d lost track of time chatting to a friend. As I’d already eaten I said I’d prefer an early dinner so when Captain Caveman returned about 2:45pm we decided to order from Vung Hue that evening.
Captain Caveman went with friends to the floating boat restaurant for beers and he promised to be back by 6.30pm to pay for and take the takeaway delivery (I still can’t get down the stairs to the front door). Ha from Vung Hue arrived a little early and was let in the house by our housemate – I was just getting comfy for the evening when he came in to the room with some ribs and rice!!
I tried messaging and calling Captain Caveman but no answer, I had no money to pay Ha, the Vung Hue guy, and then the poor bloke started opening the food up and generally being so nice and helpful in this embarrassing situation. Eventually Captain Caveman answered the phone and said he was 8 minutes away, meaning he was still at the bar, so poor Ha had to wait.
To say I had the face on was an understatement and for once Captain Caveman let me eat the most ribs without shovelling them in like I would steal them.
It was clear now that Captain Caveman was tiring of looking after me and he even mentioned paying someone to come in to do it! I wished my leg was working too, mainly so I could kick him!

I was still out of sorts of Thursday 14th May and I tried my hardest to do the knee exercises – I just wanted to be able to walk again! It was so hot and my exercises weren’t going well and were a little painful and made me feel queasy. My phone was playing up and kept draining battery for no reason and so Captain Caveman told me how to do a virus check on it. He was trying to make amends but without actually saying sorry. He left to go to Coffee Station and then came back with a fruit salad for me.
In the afternoon he went over to the Farmstay while I had a visit from the cavers. For lunch I had crisps and I noticed in the afternoon that my toes were numb and had to massage them.
On the way home Captain Caveman went to Phong Nha Underground and picked up some dinner. He had spaghetti and meatballs, which looked amazing, while I had the tasty beef stew. That afternoon Captain Caveman had agreed to buy a sofa from a friend, which was much comfier than the seating arrangements we currently have so I was pleased about that.
I tried explaining to Captain Caveman that I was also annoyed at my leg situation but if it was the other way round I would be looking after him really well. He got mad that I could even think he wasn’t doing enough for me and told me I was useless!!
I’m normally quite patient but this time I lost it and for the first time that I remember, I told him to F-off!

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