It had been 4 weeks since my drunken injury and my last drink of alcohol on Friday 15th May. Captain Caveman went to Oxalis to join the cavers and I had rice crackers and laughing cow for breakfast while I checked the Corona info. Vietnam had another 24 cases which had flown back from abroad and straight in to quarantine (they had been in Russia) and another 8 had recovered. The world had reported another 95,500 cases, 5,000 deaths and 45,000 recoveries. News articles mentioned relaxing lockdown rules in lots of places but to me it didn’t look like those countries proposing new rules had it under control. The UK now had 233,000 cases and 33,600 deaths – it was ridiculous. Today I was meant to be going from Sheffield to Marbella for my mate’s hen weekend so she was feeling sad but didn’t know we had a surprise online hen party planned for tomorrow instead.
Captain Caveman called to let me know he was going to bring me lunch and he would be back by 1pm at the latest. He arrived a sweaty mess at ten past with a tub of pork fried rice from Funny Monkeys, he’d already eaten. My food was fantastic and I ate most of the huge portion while Captain Caveman decided to clean the outside of half the accessible windows. The cleaner came and Captain Caveman went back out for a beer at Ho Khanh’s. I did my Turkish classes and read a little, while Lung swept around me. There was a nice sunset later but I couldn’t get a good photo because of still kot being able to walk. We ordered curry for dinner but this time I decided to have chips instead of rice and they were really good. Raj let Captain Caveman know that tomorrow there would be no power in Phong Nha from 7:30am to 5pm and so he decided he needed a plan to vacate the house, which would be like an oven. I had a bad stomach and went to bed early, dreading a day without AC.

The forecast was for a maximum of only 36°C on Saturday 16th May, the day without power. That didn’t seem too bad and because we had known about it in time to be a little prepared Captain Caveman and I were up early to get organised. At first we had discussed attempting to get me out somewhere so I wouldn’t be too hot but all the possibilities didn’t seem feasible and because there was no breeze I couldn’t see myself sat by a pool or river that I wouldn’t be able to get in to (or out of). Captain Caveman decided he would go out and I would stay in but he would keep in touch to make sure I was coping ok. I checked the NCOVI app, ate Laughing Cow and rice crackers for breakfast and had a can of orange Twister. Captain Caveman had left over curry, made me a flask of iced tea and went out about 8:30am. At this time it was already 29.3°C in the house but I still had all the curtains closed to block out the sun.
By 10:15am I had a wet flannel on my head in an attempt to keep cool and at 11am it was 33.1°C indoors.
The weather app said it was extreme UV and that a storm would be due at 3pm – I hoped it would be accurate this time. I watched the temperature go up slowly; 33.7°C at 11:20am, 34.1°C at 11:45am. How I bitterly regretted not being able to sip cocktails by a pool because of my own stupidity while celebrating the end of ‘lockdown’.
Captain Caveman came back briefly before going back out for lunch and he had brought me a tub of popcorn from The Villas!! Ideal for getting the salt back in the body which I might be sweating out and a very welcome treat (instead of lunch) while I read my book.
Instead of the predicted and much hoped for storm I was convinced the room was getting hotter, in fact I got obsessed with checking the temperature on both my phone and the wall hung thermometer. At 13:10 it was 34.7°C and I definitely felt too hot now. I had taken off most of my clothes and was putting wet towels on me. At 13:25 I started to feel like a hot dog in the back of a parked car in summer, it was 36.1°C. I had hardly any battery left on my phone, the phone itself was too hot to function properly and so I couldn’t Google at what temperature I was likely to die. I decided to try to open some windows but because of my being on crutches and the catches being too stiff I couldn’t open them. I messaged and called Captain Caveman but he didn’t answer.
By 2pm it was getting cooler and only 34.5°C but twenty minutes later the temperature was increasing again. Even Geoff, one of our younger geckos, couldn’t hack the heat and came to rest near the bed. By 15:15 it was 35°C there was not even a hint of a storm or cloud in the sky. I finally heard from Captain Caveman and he came home and opened some windows – he didn’t realise I wouldn’t be able to do them myself and his phone was on silent. By the time the power came back on at just after 5.30pm I was so dehydrated, despite drinking almost 5 litres of water/herbal iced tea. We ordered East Hill chicken and sticky rice for 6.30pm so we could be finished eating before the evening’s zoom party. At 8pm Captain Caveman took himself off to the spare room while I dialled in to the surprise hen party. Just before the bride joined the call Goldie, the gecko, fell off the ceiling and landed on my foot, when I tried to get her off she held on tight. I put her on my foot cushion and she hung around a bit longer. It was good to meet all the bridesmaids and hens and there were lots of games on the call, which were really funny! I couldn’t stay right to the end as I was conscious that Captain Caveman was ready for bed and he had been in to check if I had finished a few times, so I left the party early. It was the first party I’d been to without drinking, too!

The weekend didn’t particularly end on a high note. On Sunday 17th May there were 91,800 more corona cases, 53,600 new recoveries and a further 4,500 deaths across the world. The USA had 1.5 million cases now, Turkey had 148,000 and Vietnam had just had 4 more. The UK had reached 240,000 cases and 34,400 deaths as their lockdown still continued. Captain Caveman wasn’t in a good mood with me and went to visit a friend, I had my usual breakfast washed down with an orange Twister drink and herbal tea. I did some Turkish lessons and was finding them quite tricky now. For lunch I helped myself to leftover curry and then continued to read and rest my leg a bit further. By 3pm Captain Caveman was back and we had a bit of a scare when the power went off, unexpectedly, for a minute! I could not have taken another powercut, plus the family zoom call was booked in for 4pm (our time). I decided Captain Caveman should join the call without me sat beside him this week; one, for comfort as I was on the sofa with my leg propped up in a dress and two, he can chat more freely with his family without me interrupting. I did get to say hello to the family though and at least it was nice to hear Captain Caveman speak – when he’s at home I hardly hear a word out of him and because I’ve not been anywhere, or have nothing new to talk about, he’s happier on his phone all the time.
Just before 6pm I needed to visit the spare room for the toilet, as I came out of the bathroom my crutch slipped from underneath me and I had a fall. Luckily I did happen to be wearing the only dress I have with pockets in which I had my phone in. I called, texted and Facebook messaged Captain Caveman for some help but he didn’t answer!! I managed to pull my self up by grabbing the door frame and sliding myself on the floor. I made it to the bed and lay down with my throbbing ankle on a pillow.
When Captain Caveman realised the situation he came to check on me and said he had put his phone on silent because of me complaining it makes a beeping sound too often – he hadn’t seen the missed calls or messages because he had been making me more tea and getting me more ice. We ordered Phong Nha Underground delivery for dinner and I had pork with rice and veg for the first time – it was amazing and I couldn’t believe I had not seen it on the menu before now. Captain Caveman had a burger with some potatoes which also looked good. Later that night there was a storm from behind the mountains and we saw a lightening show. Finally some rain came but it didn’t last long.

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