After all the frivolities of the day at Kahuna’s and night at Bia Oi I wasn’t feeling like going to breakfast on Sunday 26th July so Captain Caveman went by himself. When I did get up, though, I had some of the fudge and gluten free bread from Dingo Deli. The bread was already attracting ants and was pretty stale already so I ripped the hard edges off and tried to eat the softer parts. It was like sucking on a sandpit so I can conclude it doesn’t save at all and is best eaten warm, as soon as it is made! Check out was at noon and we had packed the bags so that Captain Caveman had a heavier one than me, in readiness for the train journey. His rib was no longer giving him any pain and he was back to normal already – he’s such a quick healer! At reception we booked a taxi for 1pm to take us from the Gold Pearl hotel in Hoi An to Danang train station and I sat in reception while Captain Caveman went to buy train snacks. He came back loaded with stuff and I had been reading the news that the authorities were disinfecting the Danang streets where patient 416 had been, there were also 2 more cases confirmed that morning. I asked if he thought we should maybe avoid the train ‘just in case’, he was also thinking the same when we got a call from his manager to discuss our plans for getting back. After a short discussion the taxi to the station was cancelled and we booked a private car driver to take us all the way back to Dong Hoi instead of getting the train. Veronika messaged to say she wouldn’t be meeting us at the Vinpearl as it was booked up, apparently Dong Hoi and Phong Nha had quite a few visitors who were either wanting to avoid going back to Danang or who had rescheduled their stay for longer instead of leaving for Danang.
Our driver was excellent, he didn’t text or answer his phone once (which is always a bonus), and when we reached a roadside check he dealt with it calmly and professionally. We didn’t realise it then but we were lucky to get back before things got worse and I was pleased we had decided not to take the train we had booked from Danang.Six hours later we arrived at the Vinpearl hotel in Dong Hoi, checked in and decided to have room service, crisps and wine! We watched a film on Netflix (2 Guns with Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg) which Captain Caveman chose and then fell asleep before it had hardly started – well it had been a tiring day!!

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