I kept taking the Gastropulgite and before breakfast on Monday 17th August I was feeling absolutely fine. I even had toast with butter on with my bacon, beans and mushrooms at the Farmstay while Captain Caveman polished off the massive breakfast plus half of what was left of mine!
I was booked in for physio as usual in Dong Hoi and was meant to be coming back home afterwards but Captain Caveman had a great idea for us to ask if we could stay over one more night! I obviously agreed and we let Veronika know we would be up for meeting later. Captain Caveman had his briefing that night but he would drive over to Oxalis and then return afterwards while Veronika and I would meet for wine and dinner – she had also promised me a try of her guacamole and sourdough bread.
Physio was interesting and there were times where I almost cried, me and a couple of the kids helped each other out by counting the exercise repetitions together or holding hands for the painful bits. When I got back to the Farmstay after physio Veronika had not only provided the amazing starter as promised she had got the sparkling wine chilling. Our waiter, Ty, brought the wine and ice bucket, opened it with a pop, poured us a glass and took our photo – great service. I had the beef in bamboo for dinner and Veronika chose the mushroom soup. Captain Caveman returned and had remembered to drive on the highway to avoid the roadworks. He finished off last night’s wine and, although tempting, we decided to stick to our one bottle of fizz between Veronika and I.

By Tuesday 18th August my foot was swelling and my ankle was aching more than it had been recently, I also had a bad stomach. Captain Caveman was up at 6am and he left to go to have breakfast at The Villas on his way home and before his trip to Son Doong. I had pho for breakfast and then rested up until it was time to go to physio. I didn’t fancy lunch because of my stomach so I had some cashew nuts and water. Physio went ok however Nam, the therapist, had to ice my ankle and work on it more than usual – I wasn’t able to do any walking or standing exercises this session.
The weather looked stormy and I was quite content in room 201 of the Nam Long Plus Hotel despite no WiFi, and ordered pork fried rice for dinner from 7th Heaven.

On Wednesday 19th August I had a fruit salad for breakfast from Tree Hugger which they had wrote a little get well note with – it was so kind. I did my usual tasks in the morning and then had veggie spring rolls for lunch, also from Tree Hugger. I was browsing Facebook when I saw a cheap motorbike (a Honda Cub 50cc) for sale but it was in Hoi An so I asked Seamouse for some help to go check it out. We had it all arranged for him to view the bike with the current owner the next day, I was even going to call him Cuthbert, when the seller sold it to the first viewer.
I had physio in the afternoon but only ice and deep tissue massage therapy, followed by a hot bath back at the Nam Long Plus Hotel. I had BBQ pork ribs from 7th Heaven for dinner (no wine this time).

In the news on Thursday 20th August there was a notice to all foreigners in Danang to say they will all be getting a Corona test in the next few days, this was the first mass testing of foreigners I’d heard about. There was also a teacher who had tested positive for the virus and now they were busy isolating and testing numerous people he had been in contact with.
I had pho bo (beef noodle soup) for breakfast at the hotel and ordered lunch from Tree Hugger of fruit salad and a rice plate with beef. Physio was hot and just massage therapy because my ankle still needed more work before I could do the standing exercises again. When I got back the rain was heavy as I went to my room for a bath. For dinner I had pork fried rice from 7th Heaven and some leftover fruit salad which was very nice.

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