Captain Caveman had 5 tours to Son Doong and I spent most of August in Dong Hoi so there was definitely a reduction in the amount of time I spent googling things. There is a strong correlation between Google look ups and time spent arguing with Captain Caveman as well as the types of things I search. So here’s my list (in alphabetical order) for the whole of August to give you an insight into my googling world:

1. Ankle swells after walking
2. Bia Oi, An Bang
3. Boney M singles
4. Brenda Blethyn party trick
5. Caroline Jordan
6. Dalyan to Dalaman airport in km
7. Dr Dre children
8. English – Turkish translation
9. English – Vietnamese translation
10. East Hill, Phong Nha
11. Feels like electric shock in toe
12. Fenugreek
13. Fuge
14. GBA 800 G Shock watch user guide
15. Ginseng
16. Hydrotherapy for nerve damage
17. Honda Cub 50cc
18. Jack Fincham
19. Justin Hartley
20. Katie Price – ankles
21. Latest system update for phone
22. Lindeman’s sparkling brut cuvée
23. Myositis
24. Maida flour
25. Numbers in Vietnamese
26. Nerve pain
27. Renée Zellweger
28. Tupac Shakur
29. Trisha Talk Show
30. Using the correct crutch
31. Vinpearl hotel, Dong Hoi
32. Viettel
33. World Life Expectancy
34. Weather

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