The last day of August (Monday 31st) seemed to have appeared quickly despite the routine of my Phong Nha and Dong Hoi lives of late. Vietnam reported 18 recoveries and no deaths or cases, Captain Caveman had a day off and got up early to go to Oxalis Home to meet cavers for breakfast and have a meeting about end of season plans (day off but not day off as it’s known in Phong Nha). Captain Caveman returned home with some fruit salad for my breakfast and Tatas, who had come to visit me. We decided to have East Hill chicken for lunch and invited her to stay and eat with us but she declined because she’s not eating chicken at the moment. We enjoyed the chicken combo by ourselves and then I went off to Dong Hoi for my physio session. I was hoping to reduce the amount of sessions in September as it was costing a fair bit and I didn’t have much money left, plus Captain Caveman wouldn’t be working on any tours from next month.  After physio I was really tired but Phuong (of Phuong’s Transfers) dropped me off at The Villas to meet Captain Caveman and Tatas for Happy Hour and a Half cocktails. Usually we all have margaritas but tonight I decided a sangria was more appealing and went much better with the confit duck leg I always enjoy. Captain Caveman stuck to a couple of margaritas (he was driving later) but Tatas decided to have Sangria as well! I ended up having 3 of them and was a bit tipsy by the time we got home!

September was about to start and August had been a fairly good month for me, here in Phong Nha. We couldn’t grumble at Captain Caveman having lots of work, me not having gained any weight all month despite all the food and drink I’d had and me completing a whole month of physiotherapy with some progress. I was about to start the 8th month of being in Vietnam and was currently up to 111.5 hours of physio at a cost of just under 17 million VND (less than £600) plus more than that in transport and hotels. It had been 4.5 months since my injury, it was 2.5 months since I started physio and, according to the news on the 1st September, I was on my last 3 month tourist visa. This blog had done well in August, even though I’d not done anything too exciting to write about, due to being the only remaining member of the Triple Cripple Club. I’d had 30% more views than in July with the top 5 readers being from UK, Vietnam, Turkey, Australia & Netherlands.
September should have been the month which Captain Caveman goes back to England to do a course which he needs to do and we still didn’t know if/when he would be going. I knew if I left Vietnam I wouldn’t be allowed back in the country and there still were no ‘normal’ flights to be able to go to Turkey. Instead of me going anywhere I was looking forward to my first winter in Phong Nha.

Photo credit – The Villas

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