On Tuesday 1st September the authorities announced that any tourists that had arrived in to Vietnam before the 1st March would no longer be able to get 3 month visa extensions from now on and could only apply for monthly ones. Mine was due to expire in October and so I would be able to extend until November, after that we would see what my options were. There was also confirmation that Vietnam would open up flights with 6 countries from the 15th September, they were; Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, China, Laos and Cambodia. This would be on the proviso that 14 day quarantine at people’s own cost would be done on arrival in to that country and then again upon return to Vietnam.
I skipped breakfast on the first day of the month but ended up having an extremely late lunch of peanuts, popcorn and a margarita at The Villas before our planned night out. Captain Caveman had a Huda beer which came in a can with Hang Son Doong on it!

Captain Caveman and his Son Doong beer

Due to the success of the previous curry night we had decided to do it again, inviting everyone in Phong Nha who might fancy it. 
Captain Caveman and I had pre-ordered the tandoori mixed platter and it was amazing – we wondered why we had never had it before. We also had the impressive lamb samosas again and I had some red wine. One of the diners had a lamb biryani which looked super impressive and Raj, as always, looked after us well. The curry night at Namaste was another successful evening and we all enjoyed it.

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