On Thursday 3rd September Captain Caveman went to Oxalis Home for breakfast and brought me back some fruit and yoghurt and I did my usual tasks in the morning. For lunch we had a slice of leftover pizza each and then I got ready for more physio in Dong Hoi. I had decided to book the return trip with Phuong rather than stay in Dong Hoi and arranged to meet Captain Caveman and Tatas at Namaste on my way back to Phong Nha at 6pm. Both Captain Caveman and Tatas couldn’t make it until 6.30pm so I got to speak to Raj, the manager for a bit. He was planning on returning to India and had started to put plans in place to leave. It was sad and we didn’t know if that would mean that the restaurant would close or not but I suspected it would. We had our favourite lamb samosas and then I had a couple of diet cokes, a red wine and a chicken lababdar (my first time trying this dish) with garlic rice, the others had vegetarian dishes. Before I could finish my dinner I got incredibly hot and started to feel really unwell. While Captain Caveman and Raj chatted about leaving logistics, getting a Corona virus test and going back to New Delhi I was in the toilet trying to sort myself out a bit – my face was purple and I was sweating profusely. I sat under the AC unit, drank water and couldn’t even finish my dinner or wine! I got home and went straight to bed, feeling weak. I knew it wasn’t the food and wondered if I had heat stroke or dehydration and took oresol which didn’t really do the trick.

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