On Wednesday (2nd September) morning we went to The Villas for breakfast where I had a lovely pho and a mint tea. We were joined by Momma D who was meeting a friend for lunch and she was going to come join us for a swim after. While the girls lunched in the aircon Captain Caveman and I went by the pool for a chilled bottle of white wine and shared some spring rolls. Today was Independence day and so most people had the day off. I didn’t have any physio today so I did some walking and stretching in the pool – my knee was definitely much better but my ankle still a little bit stiff and ached. I had checked with Thuy at physio and I still wasn’t allowed to actually swim (or attempt to ride my bicycle) but I was getting a little better at being a passenger on the motorbike for short journeys.
Later we had peanuts, popcorn and a couple of margaritas after our dips in the pool and chat with Momma D. She had to leave for work at her rooftop bar and we made friends with the only other pool visitors. Ha, one of our favourite waitresses looked after us, bringing us margaritas when it reached Happy Hour and a Half. Once it got dark we moved inside and, because I was still taking the Gastropulgite, I was able to have pizza and a ginger beer for my dinner, which I loved.

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