My flight to Turkey from England was on Monday 10th September, 2018. This was what I wrote about my last visit to England, back then! I know I’m very lucky to be in Vietnam right now but it doesn’t stop me missing my friends and family:

On Friday 7th September, 2018, I had an appointment at the bank at 9.30am, in Sheffield town centre then came back to my house in Middlewood (which was up for sale) to start some packing. I met Becca at The Albion on London Road at 5.45pm for a swift drink before a delicious meal at Satay Yo Beer at 6pm with Louise, Becca and Nel.
We went next to The Devonshire Cat for 8pm to be joined by Caz, Jo, Lucy, Liv and Rach for prosecco and very loud music.
My last night out with the girls would not be complete without a trip to The Washington from 11pm with Becca, Nel, Caz and Lucy for lots more drinks, dancing and hilarity with the selfie stick.
Becca and I were of course the last ones standing and she stayed at mine.

On Saturday 8th September we woke with hangovers and had to force down a MacDonalds for brunch.
I managed to sort myself out for a visit to Ma and Pa and Ted the dog until it was time to go to work. I worked at the local pub (The Queen) ’til 2am, we had a celebration of the 25th anniversary of Christine, the landlady, being there with more booze and I slept on sofa in the upstairs of the pub.

It was time to say goodbye on Sunday 9th September after breakfast at my parents’ house. I just had time to pick up contact lenses in town, have a cheeky bucks fizz with Kerrie and Jack over at my house which I’d packed and cleared with the help of my mom.
My parents took me to the train station with my massive case! It was a teary goodbye as usual and would have been even worse had I known then that I wouldn’t be back after 2 years!
Once in Manchester I checked in to Etrop Grange, a lovely hotel close to the airport, had dinner with wine followed by an early night ready for the early morning flight the next day.
It was an amazing weekend and just great to see so many people I’d not had chance to see as much as I’d have liked to since I’d been back.

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