There were still no more Corona cases or deaths reported in Vietnam on Monday 7th September and just 10 recoveries for the day before – it was nearing a week without more cases or deaths reported.
Captain Caveman and I went by motorbike to Victory Road Villas for breakfast. I had pho and Captain Caveman had smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, both excellent.
For lunch we went by motorbike to Phong Nha Farmstay and as soon as I started walking in to the pool and bar area I heard a familiar voice; Momma D was sat with one of the Farmstay guests, Miss H, about to have lunch so we joined their table. We ordered lunch and I had a bun cha which was very tasty. I also had a glass of wine and we took the rest of the bottle home. We didn’t bother with any dinner as we were still full from lunch and just shared the wine and some cashew nuts which Captain Caveman had picked up in Dong Hoi. It was a rather relaxed evening and we were happy just to chill out.

We woke up fairly early on Tuesday 8th September and decided to go for breakfast at Phong Nha Farmstay where I had pho (as usual) and a juice. We went by motorbike and it was a nice scenic ride, through the rice fields, passing lots of cows and buffaloes. The Corona data showed good news in Vietnam that there were still no cases or deaths reported now for a week – the strict measures and lockdowns seemed to be working. Unfortunately the world data had shown over 9,000 deaths in the last day which even for a Tuesday seemed rather a lot. Before I knew it, it was time for me to go to my physio session. Having had 2 days off I thought it would be more painful but I survived. The heat treatment had started to feel amazing but what wasn’t so amazing was some of the calf and hamstring stretches at the end of the session – my bad leg was definitely becoming more flexible than my good one. That evening we decided to eat dinner at the Farmstay where Captain Caveman found a new pizza, which made him happy, and I had a rather delicious chicken with rice and vegetables. I’m still trying to be healthy so I took all the chicken skin off and had a small pile ready to give to Betty, the cute dog of one of the guests. She snaffled the chicken skin and then would not leave Captain Caveman’s feet to go to bed when called. We took the rest of the wine home and had a drink before bed.

Something ‘terrible’ happened in my world on Wednesday 9th September! I found out that cheese was also making me ill – dairy to be precise and I was distraught.
For breakfast I had a pink dragon fruit (they taste the same as white ones but are messier) and everything was fine. I learned some languages, wrote some blogs and was feeling fine. For lunch I had rice crackers and Gouda cheese with water and then had a short rest before physio. Just before Phuong arrived to pick me up I had a terrible stomach but not exactly like gluten belly. I wondered if I would make it to my therapy session and had to take imodium just to get in the car. On the way there I started to feel worse and I desperately needed to go, Phuong even had to pull in to a side road of a field so that I could go ‘in nature’ but there was a herd of cows and their owner in the way. He suggested we try to make it to the next petrol station and finally we got to my favourite one with the new toilets and barking dogs. I was tempted to ask Phuong to go back home but decided I would be ok. I felt ill all the way through the physio and hoped I’d be ok, I even finished 30 minutes early so I could get back without any more incidents. Back home I didn’t eat any dinner but felt better, I really didn’t want to be allergic to cheese – I love it so much!! As it was Wine Wednesday, not to let the side down, I managed a couple of small glasses of red wine later that night but probably shouldn’t have!

I was still unwell with a dodgy stomach, fatigue and headache on the morning of Thursday 10th September and so I didn’t risk going to physio. I also kept my food intake pretty basic to try to get back to normal for the next day! I was worried that missing too much physio would set me back. While the world exceeded 28 million Corona cases, Vietnam had reported 22 more recoveries and 5 new cases (from repatriation flights which went straight to quarantine). In the UK my Facebook feed was a mix of posts commenting on Boris Johnson’s new ‘Rule of 6’ which was announced today but to start from Monday 14th September.
I decided I would have to get to the bottom of the dairy allergy once I was well again and so for today I only had food I knew didn’t affect me at all. Fruit for breakfast (no yoghurt), rice crackers with cashew nuts and an apple for lunch, then a sesame sweet as a treat because I was hungry.
By the time it got to dinner time we decided to order East Hill chicken combo and I was feeling much better so I had strongbow cider and a glass of white wine. No gluten, no dairy and I was feeling back to almost normal.

Photo credit – Captain Caveman

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