Here’s an insight in to my simplistic life in September through the things I googled, listed alphabetically:

1. Alpha pristine
2. BBC news
3. Dragon fruit vitamin C
4. Drinkable
5. English to Turkish
6. English to Vietnamese
7. Elodie Alice
8. Frederich Engels
9. FTSE 100
10. Funniest UK stand up clips
11. Gerard Butler
12. James Caster
13. Katie Price ankles
14. Kevin Bridges – Bus Stop joke
15. Lentil recipes UK
16. Maoris in New Zealand
17. Marcus Rashford
18. Natalie Jenkins missing
19. Nasi Goreng
20. Oxalis Adventure
21. Prince Charles speaking Welsh
22. Postcode finder UK
23. Queen Accommodation Services Dalyan
24. Tran Manh Dan
25. Using herbs
26. World Life Expectancy
27. Weather

I really love this joke by Kevin Bridges, give it a go if you’ve not heard it:

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