Phuong picked me up at 7:30am on Friday 16th October and we headed to Dong Hoi airport to pick up Captain Caveman, I’d also requested a physio appointment from Thuy but had not yet heard back from her. When we arrived at the airport Captain Caveman was already waiting and got straight in to the vehicle, this time without the bicycle which would have to be posted back. We went straight to Tree Hugger for breakfast where I gulped down a Gastropulgite so that I could have the amazing cheese and ham toasties with my herbal tea. Captain Caveman had coffee and egg sandwiches which he absolutely loves. I’m not sure he was too pleased to see me as he happened to drop a book from the bookshelf on to my back, which hurt (it was the Lonely Planet guide to Southeast Asia)!

Back home Captain Caveman had managed to cheer me up with lots of goodies from Hanoi, including a beautiful gift from Phil and Hoa in Sapa and some seamless knickers from Uniqlo. The rain was getting quite heavy and this would be what we now know to be the first day of the rains which would flood Phong Nha. Captain Caveman had some bad news that he had spent all his wages and we were now on a tight budget until payday so he wasn’t too happy that I had bought the new dress when I don’t go out much anyway. I had been pretty frugal this last week and only spent 2,455,000 vnd which is around £80 – I only went out once to eat and I didn’t pay for any alcohol all week! Captain Caveman reassured me that we would be ok we just needed to tighten our belts and maybe not spend almost £12 on grapes and walnuts (they were so nice though).

By 4.30pm it was very wet out but word came from Ben that The Villas were going to have another ‘all you can eat’ pizza buffet tonight. Captain Caveman of course can’t turn down pizza and so off we went. When we arrived Momma D and the 3 cavers were already seated at a table for 4 and were munching away on pizza. I joked that Captain Caveman had come all the way back from Hanoi just for pizza night and then I went to sit at the big table. I chose a seat between a polite Polish lady and Veronika, Captain Caveman saw there was 20% off wine and got us a lovely bottle of red to share. We each got served a slice of whichever deliciously topped pizza came out and they just kept on coming for just over an hour. My medication worked and they were going down so well, even the ones I wouldn’t normally try were just so tasty. Ben and Bich were there to make sure everyone got well fed, the kids were all seated together and were mainly getting on and behaving. The food and service was outstanding and we were very pleased we had been able to eat so much pizza – the wine wasn’t bad either!

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